• How IoT-enabled Predictive Maintenance can Transform Your Business

    Register Today! Predictive Maintenance Webinar Presented by Microsoft and Happiest Minds LIVE WEBINAR:1/11/2018 AT 10:00 AM PST DURATION:60 MINUTES ABSTRACT: Join us as we discuss Predictive Maintenance for Equipment...
    Rahul Singh
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  • Research on IoT

    Good Day   I am. Storage engineer based in South Afric. I am also currently busy with my B Tech and I need help with my topic which is adoption of internet of things.   any help will be appreciate.   ...
  • Information Security and the Internet of Things

    Is the industry going to deploy and then add security as they go along aka IPV4 and the traditional Internet ? Or is there going to be ground up (maybe) PKI authentication and authorization in the design ?   Se...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • Hitachi Moves into the North America Microgrid Market with 100-Year Plan

    Hitachi, one of the world’s largest companies, has entered the North America microgrid market, a move born out of a tsunami and a very, very long-term view of the business cycle. Read More: http://microgrid...
    Jill Ross
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