Donna Garber

Good bye and Best wishes to the Community!

Blog Post created by Donna Garber on Apr 9, 2014

Dear HDS Community,


This is to inform you I am leaving Hitachi Data Systems, effective Tuesday, 15 April. I have decided to start a new chapter in my life that will initially include some rest and relaxation, RV travel, beach time and spending time with my family.

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My career at HDS, and specifically on the Communities and Collaboration team, has been an eventful and rewarding adventure. I would like to personally thank each and every person who helped create and drive this community to fruition. I am particularly grateful for the hard work of Cris Danci and those participants on the prior, This was the foundation for the Solution and Product Forums. Thank you for your partnership, energy and expertise. We wouldn’t be here now without all of you.


There are so many people to thank. The following people were instrumental in the very beginning. I would like to thank Nicholas Howe for the vision, Jeff Maaks for his leadership, Tina Pankievich for her always-willing, cheerful attitude and hard work, Michael Hay who constantly amazes with his brilliance and generosity, Geetha Shanmugasundaram Joe Ceccato and Michael Moorhead for their ardent and patient support, Sharon Crost for her guidance and coaching on my never-ending list of topics, and Joanne Tenney for ensuring the HDS Academy was aligned at every step.


There are many others who have joined the team along the way and were key to our success. Members Kamalarajan S Vinod Subramaniam Rahul Bhat Michael Ratner , Dang Luong and Manju Ramanathpura were the true MVPs and Pioneers that led to the growth and participation we currently experience.


It will be difficult for me (at first) not to log in to the community and see what’s going on. Rest assured, the transition of duties and the search for a new Community Manager have already begun. In the interim, Nick Gable will take on the role as Community Manager. Please feel free to reach out to Nick anytime with questions or items related to the community.


The team, including Nick Gable and Michelle Groff Burling , along with the many volunteers and moderators, will ensure the ongoing engagement and service level in the community will not miss a beat.


Best wishes to everyone.



Donna Garber