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Jive 7 is Coming: the 5 New Features You Should Know About

Blog Post created by Nick Gable on Jun 3, 2014

**On Friday, June 6, there will be a scheduled maintenance period from 5PM - 12AM pacific time while we make some updates to the Community. Thank you for your patience.**


Right now, things are crazy exciting behind the scenes here at the HDS Community. See, over the past several months we've been working hard behind the scenes to make some improvements here in the HDS Community that we think you'll really like. These new features come as part of upgrading our core platform from Jive 6.0 to Jive 7.0. While the bulk of the Community should look and feel the same, we'd like to take a moment to highlight some of the changes and show you what to expect after our scheduled downtime this Friday. We believe these updates will provide a new layer of richness to your interactions here in the Community.


So without further ado, here are the 5 new features you need to know about in Jive 7.0:


1.Enhanced User Interface: Banners and Profiles


The first thing you'll notice when you log in is that all spaces and groups now have a much more colorful banner with some new clickable options:



For starters - the tabs along the bottom-left corner of banner are almost the exact same as they are currently, the only difference is that a few of the items have been moved under the 'More' dropdown to keep things clean. Take a look at the difference:



Working our way right across the new banner, you'll note a few new buttons with fairly straightforward purposes:

  • Actions - allows you to create any type of content your permissions allow in that space
  • About - group information has been moved here, allowing group owners to provide more robust descriptions without taking up too much visual space.
  • Share - provides the standard email share functionality for quickly inviting new members to the group.


Profile Endorsements & Expertise


Spaces and Groups aren't the only areas that are getting a facelift - user profiles have also gone through some big changes:



There's too many changes to detail all of them here, but for now we'll focus on the biggest one: Skills and Expertise. Currently in Jive 6 there's a section for 'skills,' but there's no way to validate whether or not someone actually has the skills they say they do. In Jive 7, you can endorse other users for the skills on their own profile, or even suggest new skills for them to list. If you've ever used the skill endorsements on LinkedIn, this new feature will function similarly. Skills also function as profile tags, so users can search for a specific skill to find users knowledgeable in that area.


So for those of you who haven't listed any skills yet (or completed your profile), you might want to take a minute to fill them out to get the most out of your experience in the Community!


See the Reach of Your Content With Impact Metrics


One question users often ask in the Community is "how can I tell who has seen my content?" In communities like this one, it's not uncommon for 90% or more of all readers to not interact with a piece of content beyond reading it. Currently there's no way to know who has seen your content unless a user likes, comments, rates, or otherwise interacts with your post. Impact Metrics gives you the ability to see a high level overview of your content's reach, along with specific users and the sentiment around your content.




Impact Metrics also gives you options to control the date range for your content, so you can see who viewed recently, and even filter the results down for deeper analysis. There's a lot of flexibility to this new tool (or new toy, if you're a metrics nerd like me), so be sure to sit down with it and play around. Unfortunately, Impact Metrics is not retroactive and does not include data from before the upgrade. However, over the next few days there should be enough data to give you a real sense of how your content is being consumed.


Structured Outcomes Improve Quality & Version Control


Structured outcomes might be a slightly confusing moniker - think "official labels." Only Admins and moderators can apply these labels to content, but once applied they will be visible for everyone to see. They work similarly to the current "Correct Answer" and "Helpful Answer" labels for post replies, the main difference is these labels are applied to the discussion itself, rather than individual replies.


The Structured Outcomes in Jive 7 are as follows:

  • Final - Marks a work in progress or collaborative document as the final version. Especially useful for writers, editors, and technical teams that often go through several edits before a final publication.
  • Official - This label helps identify official solutions to a particular problem, or to mark an official HDS statement on a topic. Wondering which of the 10 discussion threads on a topic has the answer to your problem? Look for the 'Official' tag.
  • Outdated - This is perhaps the most requested label, simply because version control can be so difficult in collaborative environments. Having outdated information available on the community is a huge risk for all users. What's even better is the 'Outdated' structured outcome can also link back to a discussion marked as Final or Official so users know exactly where to go.
  • Action - Send an action to another Community member to join a specific discussion, complete a task, or follow up with another user.


Not only do these structured outcomes help in identifying documents and discussions at-a-glance, it's also a big component of the improved search functionality in Jive 7...


Search Gets Better at Finding Relevant Information


This may not be the sexiest feature, but it certainly is one of the most useful ones. After all, what good is a community full of thousands of documents and discussions if you can't find the one you need, a find it quickly. Jive 7's search functions exactly the same way as it does in Jive 6: just type your query and press enter. It's what's going on behind the scenes that is different:

  • As mentioned above, structured outcomes will filter out outdated results and bring up Official and Final threads
  • The search algorithm now takes personal history into account and can filter results by relevance to the work you're doing right now, as opposed to bringing up documents you haven't touched in 6+ months
  • You can now search for other users by their skills and expertise, making it easier to form interest groups and find others that share your passions.


Something Wicked This Way Comes

That's it for the preview, but stay tuned for more big news surrounding the Community and our 1-year anniversary on June 10th. Lots of activities going on next week, with some great prizes as well!


Let us know: what was your favorite new feature we reviewed?