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Community Highlights: November 17 - 21, 2014

Blog Post created by Jill Ross Employee on Nov 21, 2014

In case you didn't have a chance to visit the HDS Community over the past few days, here's a recap of some great content worth a read! Remember to follow this blog to get these highlights delivered to your inbox each week (just be sure to check "Inbox" when you follow). And to those of you who celebrate - enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday next week.

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Business Defined IT: Survey Results

Earlier this week we published the results from our Business Defined IT Research survey, which were pulled together after interviewing 900 CIO's and IT decision makers from the EMEA region. Check out our key findings below:

Steve Garone's Blog: Breaking the Myth of Inadequate Cloud Choices

If you're currently exploring your options for the cloud, be sure to subscribe to Steve Garone's Journey to the Center of the Cloud. Steve's latest blog, Myth #3: Breaking the Myth of Inadequate Choices:  Old Dogs and New Tricks offers several valuable insights to help IT decision makers evaluate their options for cloud deployment.



Hu's Place: Business Defined IT Will Drive the IT Trends in 2015

To kick off his annual top 10 trends blog series,  Hubert Yoshida published the first blog for the 2015 series: Business Defined IT will drive the IT Trends in 2015. Stay tuned over the next several weeks to hear about other trends for the coming year, and don't miss Hu's WebTech on December 10th: Top 10 Business Trends Driving IT in 2015.

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