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VMware Partner Exchange 2014

Blog Post created by Christopher Kidd (Chris) Employee on Feb 18, 2014

What an amazing week in San Francisco at VMware Partner Exchange 2014! VMware certainly pulled out all the stops! The event attracted an outstanding 4,000 attendees from  tech companies  all over the world. Among them, individuals from 80 Hitachi TrueNorth partners and alliances.  I spent the better half of Tuesday meeting partners and  supporting our   online event coverage. By the early afternoon our team had tweeted dozens of times and pulled a lot of traffic to our booth. The #VMwarePEX hashtag had new tweets and people engaging constantly. There was no lack of information in the feed.  The breakout session with Hitachi Data Systems colleagues Shawn McDonald, Rick Kellogg, and Joachim Rahmfeld was a highlight for many at the conference.            



The session covered a range of information  from integration with SAP to other Hitachi Data Systems offerings with Unified Compute Platform.  The audience discussion format was really powerful.  The way that Shawn engaged the crowd and how the team had questions for every topic impressed many of the attendees I talked to.   It was great to see TrueNorth partners participating during our session with questions about capabilities and benefits. The activity at the Hitachi Data Systems booth was amazing. Here is a picture of some of my colleagues. All experts in their own fields and participants learned a lot from each and every one of them. 


Tuesday night Hitachi Data Systems, Avnet, Arrow, and Intel put on a networking event at Bluestem Brassiere boasting cordon bleu and bacon wrapped scallops.   I took the opportunity this night to ask several partners questions about their experiences with Hitachi Data Systems.  A lot was said and I couldn't feel better about the direction in which we’re headed.


With everyone moving a bit slower Wednesday it was time again to connect with partner companies on social media.  I woke up early to get a second cup of coffee to keep my caffeine level high enough.  With people coming by the booth and tweeting to us, there was always had something going on.   By the mid-afternoon we had scanned many hundreds of badges of people who came to the booth.  Whether they were engaging with some of our products and solutions experts, watching a live product demo, or just wanted to come see me and get a sumo stress ball, people were always around booth 321

Congratulations to all of our winners during VMwarePEX!

  • Tablet Computer – Kenny Garreau  – Lumenate
  • Valentine’s Dinner for 2 at any Fairmont hotel location in the US – Mike Tellinghuisen - Sirius
  • iTunes Gift Card – Dena Marean - VMware
  • iTunes Gift Card - InterVision Systems
  • iTunes Gift Card - Rick Beaver - Lumenate


That afternoon I left a bit early, being social and networking for 20 hours in two days had taken its toll.  I left the event feeling very happy with the enthusiasm experts in the industry had expressed over Hitachi solutions and thankful for the feedback from our partners.  To get a real feel for the event, check out our photo coverage :Flickr photostream. To read our VMwarePEX conversations follow our hashtag #HDSEvent.

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