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Hitachi Data Systems Helps Customers Mobilize their Business

Blog Post created by Jeff Lundberg Employee on Jan 20, 2015

For a high level overview of today's announcement, please view my video blog: Mobility and the Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio - YouTube


Some of the most pressing IT challenges are the continuing growth of unstructured content and the need to reduce the costs, complexities and risks associated with it. Management and proper handling of data across distributed IT environments, such as cloud service providers and organizations with branch or remote office sites, can be real head-scratchers. By embracing a holistic mobility strategy that encompasses data, workforce and cloud mobility, customers can achieve investment protection. They can sidestep niche storage solutions that create new data silos; preventing them from harnessing the value of their data. With Hitachi Data Systems, customers can regain full control and visibility of their data and provide access to the right data, at the right place, at the right time.


The Hitachi Content Platform portfolio combines enterprise-grade, object-based cloud storage, file sync and share, and cloud file servers. This single-vendor, tightly integrated solution supports the requirements of yesterday, today and the future.

With this announcement we extend hybrid storage architectures; adding a low cost, local storage tier with erasure code data protection that works with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) to deliver more efficient rebuilds for large data sets compared to RAID. This new storage tier is called the HCP S10 and provides streamlined plug and play installation. Also in this release is an OpenStack Swift API that enables HCP to bring enterprise class object storage capabilities to open source environments.

We enable hybrid cloud with elastic, centrally managed storage quotas in HCP and Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI), internet friendly connections that do not require VPNs between the datacenter and remote locations and additional configurations of HDI that can be configured, provisioned and managed via Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere).

We empower employees with new capabilities in HCP Anywhere with more supported devices and languages, and expanding the choice of authentication services. More significantly, HCP Anywhere now delivers mobile access to data stored in traditional NAS environments, can synchronize open files, offers selective and incremental sync of data for more efficient network management and simplifies management as well as file and folder sharing.

By doing so, Hitachi Data Systems helps customers:

  • Extend existing private cloud investments - adding new capabilities to existing investments to support cloud or bringing in new investments to work in parallel and deliver cost optimized cloud services whether you are an organization looking to deliver IT services internally or a service provider looking to deliver cloud services to end customers.
  • Enable hybrid cloud architectures – to take advantage of public cloud when ready and with the data that that is deemed appropriate. This helps achieve continuity of business whether it’s cloud bursting, spending time over/under provisioning to ensure fast response to business.
  • Empower employees with mobility tools – so they can be most productive with secure unified access to cloud and enterprise data, eliminating content silos so employees can access data stored in existing traditional systems as well as mobile sync and share tools.

What this all means is that organizations can mobilize content across multiple devices, locations, apps and storage resources for dedicated, shared or on-premises environments, while maintaining a single point of visibility and control.

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