Greg Bucyk

Lucrative and Efficient Data Center Modernization with PRO

Blog Post created by Greg Bucyk Employee on Jul 27, 2018

Hitachi Vantara recently announced our Partner Resale Optimized (PRO) offerings. This creates a lucrative and efficient approach for data center modernization which is purpose-built for our partner eco-system.  The PRO offering not only delivers the latest award winning Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) but also wraps the precise tools and simplified processes for price quoting to close the deals in the most efficient manner.


As a leader in the partnership organization who talks with partners on a frequent basis, I thought I’d offer a quick blog about the new ways you can make fast business decisions across the globe.  From Singapore to Croatia, I’m speaking with countless partners who are working diligently to help make their customers grow their businesses, improving the ability to predict size and scale for each implementation and adjusting with new business models. 

We want to help our partners focus on the customer and business outcomes, not be tied up in back office operations that extend limited value. By building simple “T-shirt size” configurations tied to validation tools, our partners can gain momentum with forecasting sizing and performance requirements with a well - established technology.  This becomes especially true as we free our partners to optimize resource management by investing more time in projects on the delivery side of their business versus the quotation process.  This then ties into the new Hitachi Vantara Partner Program which promotes and delivers an easy path for partner teams to create new customer value whether it’s through their own IP and technology or professional services. 


I’m looking forward to watching our partners leverage these efficient partners-only offerings and associated tools to accelerate sales and efficiency with new VSP pricing options. These offerings extend across our partner base from addressing requirements for infrastructure. Especially important strategic thinking partners whom are leveraging the storage platform to stabilize the customer data and extend its value. 


VSP PRO is the first step to allow them to pivot into different profit centers in their business and spend more time co-creating and working on the business versus in the business.  The VSP PRO allows our partners to continue to drive innovative business conversations with their customers while maintaining their right to the sail through the pricing advantage offered through the deal registration site so that all their focus is on the new customer outcomes versus any cumbersome sales process administration.


We are also very proud that we see very little channel conflict and can provide our partners return on their customer-time investment when delivering Hitachi Solutions. Hitachi Vantara’s defined stairway to value of store, enrich, activate straight up to monetize, program detail are available in our partner portal. (Login required) 


We know that the right technology is important to drive success, which is why our Virtual Storage Platform recent refresh in combination with our improved PRO technology and enablement tools not only improve efficiency, but they remove barriers for sales.


I’m fired up on the way we are making it easier to engage with us at Hitachi Vantara and hope you will continue to reach out to me with new tools, process and approaches that will allow us all to grow together.


Greg Bucyk

Global Strategic Partners and Alliances