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Adjusting the sails with partnerships in an outcome-based market place by Maarten Paddenburg

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 26, 2018


When looking at partnerships and teamwork there is something that every individual realizes--perspective is one of the most valuable things a person can offer.


Everyone has a perspective that shifts the way a situation is viewed or a way of working toward a solution. My perspective is that of one who is focused on the end goal. In my spare time I spend my moments on the water, planning, strategizing, much like I do in business. My passion has always been centered around business value creation and end users. Through a variety of activities I see that partnership and collaboration are what keeps more than just a ship afloat. As the Vice President of Partners and Alliances in EMEA,  I’m focused on how we contribute to a part of the community to acquire and develop customers, and consequently how we can create the most detailed and fulfilling experience possible for our clients.


I prioritize the end result and plan for obstacles and changes that end up creating a deeper value at the end of the day. I value cooperation and advancement of mutual interests through a collaborative approach that enriches dialogue and heightens awareness of potential partnerships. Whether it’s working with our customers, building new service offerings, re-selling our solutions, or working alongside my middle man and fore decker in my Regenboog sailing boat, I see the same traits proving themselves to be incredibly impactful. 


Currently, my team is working on building an evolutionary ecosystem of partners in a rapidly changing landscape from pure play technology focus to a solution focus with business impact. It’s about taking a new approach and ensuring success through a menagerie of communications and perspectives. I’m motivated every day by the passion in our customers and our partners who are covering the enterprise, commercial and public market.

As a leader, it’s incredibly important to me that I look for ways to focus on not just customers, but on building talent, collaborating and logical problem solving.  While I appreciate strategy, it’s paramount to focus on our goals, our people and process execution.

Although we continue to have rich conversations around storage and business applications, we continue to team up with data insight and data governance partners with outcome-based solutions.  This heavy focus on partners with proficient service capabilities is what allows us to scale our solutions.  Whether they are project or outcome based. 

I feel honored to be working with incredible partners that are diverse in culture, dynamics and competencies.  For example, recently I was in our Emerging Region.  Our partner was selected to execute a large digital transformation project at a large financial services company.  We could convince the partner and this new customer with our outstanding reliability, references and ability to deliver on-time, without risk and on budget. This has been a great success for all parties involved.


We see more and more influencers experiencing the quality of our partners and Hitachi. Especially when we consider the immensity of our partner and Hitachi end user base.  There is a dual beneficial relationship where both organizations bring rich knowledge to both our organization and to the end user.  It’s astounding really.  Our partners are working on cutting edge projects from infrastructure consolidation to deploying business application’s, all of which aligns with a concept we call stairway to value.  


Our Partners and Alliances are incredible at enabling enterprise cloud, hybrid cloud and countless other services, such as data governance as a service, to name just a few.  But what’s truly remarkable is the prolific nature of the new types of partnerships and business cases being created within this ecosystem. We are enabling these robust and forward-thinking partner companies to create a better tomorrow.


Which is why I’m especially looking forward to Hitachi NEXT in San Diego as we have over 50 sessions featuring over 20 customers on data and innovation.    I hope that you will join me during my sessions and learn more about how the execution of digital transformation is a discipline and part of our DNA.