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Setting the Right Pace by Kevin Purcell

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 26, 2018



I’ve run the New York City Marathon seven times. I understand the pain and determination of being an athlete, but also of solidarity and respect. I always prioritize my time and focus to honor not only my body, but more importantly the dear friends I lost during the 9/11 tragedy. 


The thing about running is the same thing that’s in memorializing, and it’s the same thing in business. It’s about planning the way to have the most meaningful impact possible. Whether it’s during training, running races, or as a leader in the partner organization in the Americas, strategizing and planning is at the forefront of any successful endeavor.


As Vice President of the Global System Integrators I interact with a myriad of business partners in the Americas, such as:  ATOS, CGI, Cognizant, DXC Technology, HCL,  Hitachi Consulting, Infosys,  Tech Mahindra, TCS and Wipro.  I am proud to work with these partners who want OEMs and manufacturers like us to get creative and be flexible with how we transact with our products and services. When planning for long distance, there is an emphasis on a strong foundation that builds up to create a widened sense of agility and create a wider breadth of potential for any project.


             As of now, I’m working on building up that base, making significant changes in how my team organizes in order to create an agile and flexible organization. Through our malleability, we find ourselves comfortable in a rapid pace that before we wouldn’t have been accustomed to. With a fortified foundation we can flex with our partners who are providing a multitude of service offerings in financial services, health care, communications, retail, energy, insurance and in the government sector. 


            Exciting times are afoot in the Hitachi Vantara partner ecosystem, as we are investing in joint solutions with GSI partners in core, content, analytics and IoT.  We are engaging and flexing--collaborating on the service by providing resources with these partners to build the solutions. At the forefront of any endeavor is the consideration of how both companies are developing these solutions to market and sell through their sales channels. We have financial incentives for our own sales teams to sell these offerings which is unique in the marketplace because we believe in walking the talk through our people, process, financial and technology investments.


            In our new era of flexibility, we are offering capex and opex consumption models.  In addition, we have fantastic partner executive events where we integrate the executive and organizational input, feedback, and surveys into the alignment and program building.  We are tracking success metrics such as customer satisfaction and growth for each of our partnerships to create wildly successful relationships.  We develop and participate in joint workshops with our partners and provide subject matter expertise in specific industries where we develop repeatable offerings that are extremely prosperous which benefit the partner, Hitachi and most importantly, the end customer.




We are planning for a marathon--not a sprint, and we want our rates of productivity and success to endure, and if training for marathons has taught me one thing, it’s that it’s about reaching the end goal and then reaching for more.   Meanwhile, I look forward to continuing the conversation around industrializing with agile infrastructure and a modern platform in San Diego later this month during Hitachi NEXT with a GSI Partner.