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Adaptation Wins the Game by Dennis Deane

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 30, 2018


In rugby, a team is made up of players of all shapes and sizes - everyone has a critical role. It is a true team sport played between two teams of fifteen players on the field requiring an incredible amount of technical ability, determination and communication required to get the ball over the line. As the adage goes, it takes a village. It also takes teamwork, leadership, competency, flexibility and strategy to win a game – just like in business.

Many of our global partners have had to adapt their commercial approach to get over that next hurdle, that next milestone, or in rugby terms, the gain line. What often challenges them the most is the shift from a traditional CAPEX cost model to a true OPEX model with consumption-based abilities and cloud-like economics for services delivery. Not exactly a ruck or a scrum, but a true disruption has occurred in the traditional IT business, creating challenge and requiring longer-term thinking. Whether creating service wrappers for our infrastructure platforms or deploying an appliance on the Edge, our partners need to be creative and agile to create scalable, cost-effective solutions that drive outcomes for our customers.

Our partner ecosystem is a team. And, like in rugby, every team member is a contributor to the whole. Our global system integrator (GSI) partners, for example, bring to the table in-depth vertical knowledge, best-in-class solutions, and transformation expertise. They often leverage the best of Hitachi Vantara, our data expertise, our IoT assets, analytics solutions and world-class infrastructure offerings - as a key elements of their own offerings. enabling us to drive bigger end-to-end conversations about data center modernization and cloud acceleration, intelligent data governance, and data-driven insights. With these partners and teammates at our side, we can cope with challenges, changing client requirements, and half-time adjustments. Together, with alignment and collaboration, we can strategize, innovate and develop a differentiated plan and execute to perfection.

A good team wants to maximize and leverage the strengths of their teammates. We want to help our services partners successfully differentiate. We want to collaborate with our partners to co-engineer and co-create high-quality solutions and services that allow customers, with their wide-ranging lists of requirements, challenges and opportunities, to derive value from their data. With our new FY18 Partner program, we want to empower our partners, giving them the flexibility to engage with us in a way that best fits their strengths, their competencies and their business objectives irrespective of the playing field conditions.

The best rugby teams also learn from their wins and their defeats. They examine the competition; repeat what worked; reward and develop talent; and recognize where they can improve. To be clear, Hitachi Vantara is determined to build a championship team – one that is prepared and able to address the most complex customer challenges. Interested in being on the winning team? Reach out to me to discuss how we can win together.