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Finding Opportunities to Do Something That Couldn’t Be Done Before by Trevor Williams

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 30, 2018


I work as the Global Lead of Cloud Service providers at Hitachi Vantara. And in my spare time I do a variety of sports including weightlifting. Through Hitachi Vantara I find my days filled with a few opportunities to do something that couldn’t be done before. It crosses over to my sports hobbies where I look to vary the way I train but also maintaining the focus of improvement. A constant bar that keeps moving up and up, accomplishing bigger and better. Outside of the gym I can constantly improve in a very similar way, building relations with business providers who could be considered competitors, or in working with our customer’s complex cloud engagements. Now more than ever this work is immeasurably rewarding. It’s an exciting time to work on business opportunities with the common goal being nothing less than business success.

I enjoy challenges, facing obstacles and consequently moving past them to reach that goal. For me, the fulfillment lies in organizational business planning for demanding requirements with those who want well defined business outcomes. With on premise applications and a strong desire to move to the cloud there is constant movement and action being taken to maximize success. There are complex business demands that are driving a flexible and agile approach that meets the needs of the end user. In fact, they gain the promise of the cloud within and beyond the four walls of their data center through our partners comprehensive, enterprise grade managed service capabilities providing the benefits of secure, trusted hybrid cloud deployments without losing control but benefitting from an elastic, pay-as-you-go model that public cloud-based solutions bring.

Today we see many organizations considering how they convert and migrate applications to the cloud, but often they can’t do this alone, and they know that not all applications can be moved. They need to work with a trusted and credible partner to deliver their outcomes they seek. Which is why I’m proud that our partner program has been featured in CRN’s Cloud Partner Program Guide for offering partner strategies which continue to meet the new cloud challenges and opportunities our partners face. This best in cloud status is something that we are very proud of at Hitachi Vantara, because it’s taken work, commitment, and dedication.

Whether our partners spin up new services to deliver development operations or helping a client reduce the capital costs of maintaining their changing infrastructure and how they plan to help customers to reduce costs by moving to a consumption-based commercial model. We have the strongest ecosystem of partner solution offerings they are looking to deliver in the future.

It’s a terrific place to be as some clients need compute where other clients need a more convenient cost model that is compatible with their growth and operational needs. Either way, we find that our clients fulfill these through our service provider partners.

In overseeing the program, I’m involved with a myriad of opportunities which allows me to work with our service partners. We are winning together because we are co-creating the best of breed infrastructure for and with our service provider partners and together, we allow our partners who work daily with customers to harness the power of our joint expertise to drive new outcomes.

To learn more about our cloud provider program join us during Hitachi NEXT in San Diego next week or review:  in order to find opportunities to do something that couldn’t be done before.