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Gaining Momentum by Kim King

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 30, 2018




As an avid biker, I have learned to do well in this sport by managing both the physical environment and the technology of my equipment to my best advantage. I know that my safety and the enjoyment of this sport requires an acute awareness of the road, including the angle of the trail and the slope of a turn, as well as an indepth understanding of the technology of my bicycle. If I ignore the signs, and do not react in that moment by shifting gears or adjusting my seat, a very good experience can turn catastrophic.


Much like recognizing the connection between the technology of my bike and the awareness of the road, I recognize the importance of technology and the partnerships we are building within the Hitachi Vantara Partner Community. In my role as the Vice President of Global Partner Strategy and Programs, my team and I are constantly driving to increase our value proposition through our offerings and through collaboration with our partner ecosystem. The Hitachi Vantara Partner Program and its offerings create a mutually rewarding platform for growth.


We see our partners as an extension of our organization. It is the basis and the key element of any successful partner program. It’s encouraging to see the swift adoption of our new program through the building of joint business plans, agreed by both parties to ensure a collaborative and successful partnership. Our success relies on our partners recognizing that we are invested in them and that we have identified critical intiatives and enablers to increase the likelihood of a successful relationship.

We are, for example, working with one of our larger distributors on joint IoT Solutions that are market ready, combining our intellectual property to create an accelerated offering for our customers. Through this initiative, they are building packaged offerings based our competencies. This is exciting as no other organization has the comination of IT and OT expertise, technology assets and domain expertise that we can deliver. With over 100+ years OT and 50+ years IT as a part of our Hitachi DNA, we have what is required to address critical business challenges faced by our distributors, partners and their customers.


It always comes back to the fundamentals, and my true passion lies in building a first class partner program that offers tools and processes that drive and enable our partners.


The Hitachi Vantara Partner Program is evolving into a program that does just this, and I am proud to be one of the driving forces behind its inception, evolution and success. We are proud to be featured in

CRN’s Cloud Partner Program Guide.



Our partners rely on us to help them accelerate their “time to market” and to continue to leverage and cultivate the relationships that they have already established. The most important part of the puzzle is identifying what is most valuable to the partner and then tying both team and relationship together. Additionally, we amplify this relationship through marketing and services through our joint solutions. Our partners utilize through our Hitachi Vantara Partner Marketing Hub our go-to market services offered there. Essentially, we work as an extension of our Partner Marketing team. We enable the understanding of the Big Conversations which allows our partners to offer a complete solution and in turn, provide incremental value to their customers.


While we understand that some of partners may need more time to fully embrace these new methodologies, many are still intent on understanding individual strengths of other partners in the ecosystem before they will engage in partner to partner collaboration. This will ultimately allow maximum collaboration which harnesses the strengths of each partner as a trusted advisor. It all depends on the individual entity. We offer our partners the ability to bring their expertise and encourage them to utilize our Hitachi Vantara SME’s to foster knowledge transfer within their own organizations.

All of our online training is free so our partners can address any technical gaps that may exist. We are constantly investing in new ways to simplify the learning pads for our partner community. At any stage of learning cycle, our partners can either test out or take a complete series to drive the knowledge into their own teams.


We have a plethora of resources available for our partners, through Partner Connect and the Hitachi Vantara Marketing Hub, where they can find sales blue prints, tools and assets to use as a part of their enablement journey. We see data as the business capital of the digital era.





So, whether I’m turning cranks to deliver new value for our partner program or I’m biking 100 miles a day for the Make A Wish Foundation, I find it’s always about being the best that I can be. Please leverage all the resources we have to offer in our Partner Connect portal. And as always if you ever have any feedback or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the partner support team.