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Hitting the Apex by Choo-Siang LEE

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 30, 2018


Choo-Siang LEE is a leader in APAC of our Hitachi Vantara Partner Ecosystem and Alliance Management.


I have had many global experiences, through work and travel, and I have realized the importance of being at the forefront of any technological milestone. In my market, Hitachi Vantara is known for high quality and high standards in storage devices. This same sentiment is growing around software as services and our expanded object storage abilities with analytics as the foundation for IoT. Since these are basic building blocks for IoT which address real world applications they are the direct correlation to creating tangible and innovative business outcomes.


I believe that value lies in not only delivering our partners value within our infrastructure solutions, but with our deep seeded interest and knowledge on the data strategy journey. I’m proud to work within our ecosystem of partners to enable, build and execute against these constructs. The diversity of thought and experience is outstanding in our partner community, from analytics partners who are working on data construction models for customers, to visualization partners who design dashboards. The beauty of our new flexible partner program which launched in the beginning of the fiscal year truly allows us to partner effectively from one end to the other.


Through working internationally, I’ve found more and more reason to delve deeper into our strengths. In our market, everyone is looking at new use cases which are delivering on the IoT opportunities. Through cloud technology, cloud infrastructure, and the cloud service from our enterprise customers to our fortune 500 customers, to our regional and global system integrators, re-sellers and technology partners, we prove again and again that we have a deep well of experience to draw from.

Frequently when I’m traveling, I share our partner training framework in how we identify, recruit, onboard and activate our partners across all six countries. For our Pentaho partners, we completed wave one within our partner ecosystem to review the competencies in the ecosystem and now with wave two afoot, it’s a phase that incorporates analytics solution offerings, re-selling services, and technology solutions. Through this investment of learning, we are suddenly experiencing the positive results that comes from emphasizing technical curiosity and deliberate exploration of new avenues. Within our current ecosystem, whether from a sales or marketing perspective, all systems are a steady green; go.


Our data strategy is formed around the deployment of data, monetizing the data, the SEAM framework and allowing the rich data driven insights for data center modernization to create a bridge to intelligent data governance. This framework also called Stairway to Value helps us understand how well a customer can utilize data to achieve competitive advantage.

The very final stage and most important part of the journey is then the monetization of the data largely driven by data pipeline. Which is exciting as most company’s data, engineering and data prep allow all three silos to come together. So, for us it on this data road can see the end to end ecosystem which visualization, analytics and monetization and we look forward to working with our partners to help our customers monetize it.


For me as a rider, I feel that the road we are traveling together with our partners is hitting the Apex and I welcome you to come along for the ride. So, do follow me and Hitachi Partners on Twitter as we will be roaring through the digital streets to continue the conversation.