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Swing into Content by Todd Hemenway

Blog Post created by Hitachi Vantara Community Blog on Oct 30, 2018


Big Iron

Whether I’m using my iron driving into headwinds in golf or moving away from a big iron project to the real big dog projects of today in content solutions, I always enjoy a good challenge.

With golf, I started out by learning from my father. I was his caddy when golf wasn’t a popular sport. At the age of ten, I recall using iron, my mind and monitoring the wind to drive down the fairway. Although I’ve had three holes in one, I personally find the challenge of monitoring conditions to develop a strategy, adjust my swing and approach each aspect of the game with a plan.

This is similar to moving big iron in our data center projects that migrate to the cloud. I work with partners who align with each customer’s desired business outcomes and help them evolve through these times. Change is based on the needs of the business, and often as frequent as weather changes on the golf course. As a result, so many of our partners are spending a lot of time helping their customers build exciting new applications into the cloud. In addition, partners are working to ensure organizations are compliant or creating a bottomless back-up are all examples of solutions we encourage our partners to carry forward to their customers utilizing Hitachi technology.

Why are our Hitachi Content Platform Solutions far superior in meeting these challenges? Because the technology helps end users solve their business problems or outcomes to meet compliance guidelines, build a bridge to the cloud and it’s great for file systems. Other benefits of HCP include:

· A singular platform for backup and archival, data mobility, cloud and big data storage

· Deployment flexibility

· Enhanced workforce productivity

· Visibility and control of digital assets in private, hybrid or public cloud configurations.

Although the gravitational pull for big iron is strong, we find that our Hitachi partners are winning with our Hitachi Content Platform.

Here’s what I find exciting about that: Our partners make our content solutions sing by the varied and successful ways they implement to help customers drive business outcomes. Just like choosing the right club out of the bag to get the job done right. And we support our partners with a beneficial partner program and strong training to enhance their knowledge of content solutions and so much more. This enables them to maximize a customer’s existing investments with a data center modernization project all the way to using analytics to monetize their data with solutions like Pentaho.

Fortunately, I’m working with a great partner enablement team that empowers our partners to converse at a higher level around our offerings. Between our training, subject matter experts or our universal solutions, we are hand and shoulders above anyone else in the industry, which is why Hitachi Vantara is such a great place to be a partner.

Collaborating with partners to put our mutual customers first and drive their success if our primary mission. This is where I spend most of my time as the Vice President of the America’s Partners at Hitachi Vantara. I love hearing from partners who may start out working on a backup problem with a client, but learning how it evolves into deeper conversations around compliance, archiving and other operational projects. That’s our end game.

I spend a lot of time speaking with partners and customers about the move away from traditional ‘big iron’ projects as they move toward content solutions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the ‘big iron’ in my golf game!