Greg Bucyk

Hitachi Vantara’s Partnership Approach: Do the Math

Blog Post created by Greg Bucyk Employee on Mar 25, 2019

Like many people, I was shocked to recently learn that the ride-sharing service Lyft is paying more than $300 million to host its app and platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) over a three-year period. Similarly, a couple years ago we learned that social media leader Snapchat signed a five-year, $400 million hosting deal with Google Cloud.


For those who question the value of cloud computing, these numbers will not help. But it’s important to recognize that, while public cloud hosting can add value, it is not the only answer. And, as many early adopters are discovering, it’s often not the most economical one. It’s tempting to leverage a public cloud provider as an “easy” way to digitize your business, but the perceived low cost of entry could become the lock-in to higher long-term costs — a trap that many executives only become aware of later.



According to IDC, by 2020, 60 percent of all enterprises will be implementing a new IT foundation as part of a digital transformation strategy — and a cloud computing approach is typically part of that foundation. In modernizing their IT infrastructures, companies need to not only worry about a rapid launch and a low upfront investment, but they also need to ensure an adaptive, flexible platform and a high return on investment over the longer term.


Recognizing this challenge, Hitachi Vantara has doubled down within its partner eco-system. To unlock the greatest value for our customers — over both the long and short terms — Hitachi has identified partner business models and industry competencies that address our customers’ most pressing needs. Our unique offering to help customers capitalize on the power of cloud computing combines the strengths of Hitachi and Cisco.


As a technology leader, Hitachi has collaborated with Cisco for many years. Today, Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure leverage leading Hitachi and Cisco technologies in a groundbreaking way. By bringing together best-in-class storage from Hitachi with industry-leading servers and network equipment from Cisco — and, based upon the validated design, with virtualized deployments easily managed by VMware's vCenter — your business can take on digital transformation in a fast, cost-effective manner, while still accessing the most advanced technologies available.


Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure can be further extended to utilize a unique set of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and virtualization tools. These solutions allow you to monitor system functions in real time and react quickly to changing requirements. You can easily identify duplicated and rarely accessed data, reducing storage costs and freeing capacity. You can use integrated tools to quickly move data among private and public cloud environments. You can automatically meet pre-defined security and compliance protocols.

In addition, Hitachi Vantara is the only vendor to offer a 100 percent data availability guarantee and an open architecture that supports private, hybrid, public and multi-cloud environments across standard interfaces. Depending on customers’ needs, Hitachi works with companies to help them own their data and maintain control, while also exploiting a variety of platforms and mobility options.


While public cloud providers can spend the majority of their time trying to make things work, Hitachi and its partners are free to focus on real value creation. Over time, this flexible delivery model allows Hitachi and its partners to address new application deployments, the development of multi-cloud environments and other changes that reflect your evolving business situation.


A Solution That Makes Sense


Why is this a more effective way to digitize your business model? It’s simple. By taking advantage of the long-term relationship between Hitachi and its partners, your company can access best-in-class data center modernization and cloud offerings in an adaptive, scalable, affordable manner. Instead of signing up for a multi-year, multi-million dollar hosting contract — without knowing what your day-to-day technology needs are yet — your business can modernize your IT infrastructure in a more flexible manner, adding capabilities and capacity as they are needed.


Hitachi’s collaborative model provides world-class converged infrastructure, with all the associated benefits. Namely, you get simple management of all storage, compute and networking components; scalability on demand to support current and future workloads; and constant uptime based on a unique 100 percent data availability promise. Pre-integration and single-view management enable your team to spend more time working on transformative projects and less time simply “keeping the lights on” in the datacenter.


The unique value proposition underlying Hitachi Vantara’s partnership approach not only meets the challenges you face today, but also positions your company for the future.


Check it out yourself! Details on Cisco Validated Design are available here, additional information on Hitachi Vantara can be found here or read the datasheet here. Read about Hitachi Vantara’s double-down commitment to our partners in the recent CRN article here.