• kettle的carte集群在k8s中无法启动

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  • How can I become a Pentaho Partner?

    Hi, I want to become a pentaho partner, to whom I have to speak to?   Regards.
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  • Hitachi and Cisco:  A Shared Vision for a New Era in Data Center Modernization

    Hitachi and Cisco: A Shared Vision for a New Era in Data Center Modernization - check out the latest blog from Jeff James
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  • Adaptation Wins the Game by Dennis Deane

    In rugby, a team is made up of players of all shapes and sizes - everyone has a critical role. It is a true team sport played between two teams of fifteen players on the field requiring an incredible amount of technic...
  • Hitting the Apex by Choo-Siang LEE

    Choo-Siang LEE is a leader in APAC of our Hitachi Vantara Partner Ecosystem and Alliance Management.   I have had many global experiences, through work and travel, and I have realized the importance of being at ...
  • Gaining Momentum by Kim King

        As an avid biker, I have learned to do well in this sport by managing both the physical environment and the technology of my equipment to my best advantage. I know that my safety and the enjoyment of th...
  • Swing into Content by Todd Hemenway

    Big Iron Whether I’m using my iron driving into headwinds in golf or moving away from a big iron project to the real big dog projects of today in content solutions, I always enjoy a good challenge. With golf, I ...
  • Ace the Competition with Hitachi Object Storage by Tim Desai

    When you have an end goal in sight, you must apply all your skills and experience and combine them effectively and efficiently to earn that one thing. Working as Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hitachi Vantara, an...
  • Finding Opportunities to Do Something That Couldn’t Be Done Before by Trevor Williams

    I work as the Global Lead of Cloud Service providers at Hitachi Vantara. And in my spare time I do a variety of sports including weightlifting. Through Hitachi Vantara I find my days filled with a few opportunities to...
  • Setting the Right Pace by Kevin Purcell

      I’ve run the New York City Marathon seven times. I understand the pain and determination of being an athlete, but also of solidarity and respect. I always prioritize my time and focus to honor not only my...
  • Adjusting the sails with partnerships in an outcome-based market place by Maarten Paddenburg

    When looking at partnerships and teamwork there is something that every individual realizes--perspective is one of the most valuable things a person can offer.   Everyone has a perspective that shifts the way a...
  • Big Conversations and Back Country Skiing by Jay McGloin

      When I’m on a mountain skiing the tracks of the back country or dropping in off cornices I’m thinking about the three B’s:  Big Conversations, Back Country and Beacons.   What i...
  • Comparison between HDS, EMC and Netapp

    Dear audience, I am a new tech guy of HDS family. My employer wants me to develop HDS market to get involve with customer to motivate with HDS products who are maximum using EMC products for their SAN infrastructure...
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  • ESX 5.5 problem with migration

    Hello, customer have servers Lenovo x240/240M5 and storage HUS130, HUS 150 with block size for volumes and VSP G400. they are problems with esx 5.5 and response time on app. we are require upgrade esx to 6.0 or 6.5 wi...
  • Upgrade G400 to G600

    Hello Guys Guys i am going to upgrade G400 to G600. Is it an online process ? where can i find any documentation or manual about this process? Thanks
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  • vsp g400 and vplex compatibility

    Is HITACHI VSP G400 Array compatible  with EMC VPLEX VS2 code 5.4.1 ? Thanks
    Mohamed b Essam
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  • Lucrative and Efficient Data Center Modernization with PRO

    Hitachi Vantara recently announced our Partner Resale Optimized (PRO) offerings. This creates a lucrative and efficient approach for data center modernization which is purpose-built for our partner eco-system.  T...
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  • Hitachi Universal Replicator

    Learn about Hitachi Universal Replicator from Dang Luong, a Solutions Engineer in this short video: What is Hitachi Universal Replicator? - YouTube    
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  • Reason of Hitachi Data Ingestion 6.4.2  MNG0 Virtual IP Fluctuations between processing nodes

    Reason of Hitachi Data Ingestion 6.4.2  MNG0 VIP Fluctuations between processing nodes.   We have Two Physical Nodes HDI Diskless Appliance configured with Three  CIFS share and corresponding file-syst...
    Ajay Punjabi
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  • Adaptive Data Reduction in the Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System Pattern Detection

      Charlie Lofton, a Performance Consultant at Hitachi Vantara shares insight on the Adaptive Data Reduction in the Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System  Pattern Detection a - YouTube.
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