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elsa santos
I people,   I follow this instructions, with this resources and documentation… (Show more)
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Claudiu Nesa
I am trying to build the NAA number for all the LUNs created on our Hitachi based storage infrastructure. Is there someone who have tried to the same thing or knows the exact steps.   I know what it is the structure of an NAA number (the standard) and the Hitachi NAA Number specific structure. The only thing that I am missing is the exact… (Show more)
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Daniyal Najeeb
Hello,   I am trying to look for customer site presentation and presentation related to Hitachi VSP F systems can anyone kindly guide me that from where I can find these presentation. Kindly post a link if any as I have searched all over partner portal and find no luck in my search.   A swift reply will be admired.   Thanks in advance.  … (Show more)
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Ethan Park
is there anyway to know where the manufacturing plants/factory locations around the world? (for the Air conditioners) It's for business proposal.
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archana garikapati
Hello,    How can i join or merge two xml files of same structure. i have add sum of the values in both the files.
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Diego LLop
I am new in Pentaho. I have installed a custom component ,SVG Component, in Pentaho 8.1.0. but when I render it I get a error: CDF: Object type SVGComponent can't be mapped to a valid class i need help. Thanks Diego the logs are: 2019-05-21 15:46:26 ERROR Error getting input stream for dependency SVG/geostats.min.js. Skipping.. 2019-05-21… (Show more)
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Simone Nale
Hi All, I've to create a csv file with a timestamp calculate with the maximum of others timestamps. In this case I've 5 different timestamps and my output is the maximum one. I've try with the max() function but the result is the Null; I've also change the format value without success... Somebody can help me? Thank you in advance and best… (Show more)
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TaeYeon Lee
Hi, i use SNM2 very well, but suddenly it not working so I remove SNM2 and re-install SNM2 but it error message is occured SNM2 version is 2882 My Pc version is Win7, 64bit can i resolve this problem?
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Hello, I have Saiku plugin (3.90 CE) installed on Pentaho 8.0. When I try to save a query or open a query I can only see home folder and public folder but I can't see subfolders. Anyone else facing this issue ? How can I solve it ? Thank you.
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Bryan Hope
Click to view contentHello I am having a problem at this step which is updating data from several tables. I am new to this I have no idea whats going on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. See screenshots below    
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