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Volker Osswald
Hello, I have a G1500 in one Location and a G1000 in another Location. Distance is about 500km. I want to connect them via HUR. They have 2x 7800 installed in every Location. The Distance from 1x 7800 to the G1500 is about 2km, the other 7800 is 500m distance. I have only Shortwave SFPs on the G1500. So i want to connect the G1500 to the 7800… (Show more)
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Daniel Kleeman
Click to view contentI have started a normal DP Optimization task (with ZPR) on a DP Pool with four volumes. Two of the volumes are now stuck on status of 'suspended' and the other two are 'pending'.     The event log shows the following which indicates that the ZPR has completed but that the optimzation pass has not started:   02/09/2019 09:35:46 10 I6HU00 DP… (Show more)
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Srither Kumarraj
I have a JOB which contains a transformation and I uploaded both to the same directory in PUC browse files. I am using Pentaho 8.2. Whenever I am trying to run my JOB it fails with Transformation not found but it's pointing the directory where my transformation file is available. Could anyone help me o this?
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Kiruthika M
Irrespective of locale date format, I need to genereate the report with the date format of the locale which i passed in runtime. Am getting the expected results when I am editing fr in environment-designtime-locale and running it. But I want that to Dynamic. Is anything doable in Penatho Report Desinger end to achieve it. Finally I want the output… (Show more)
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Redone chowdhury
Often using R and Python when you write to CSV scientific notation is default particularly with R where integer digits end at 10 to give you NA value,   solution is simple though it was hard to find the answer on a google search   your field will be strings,   change format to 0 like in excel custom option change from # to 0 as it often… (Show more)
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Gary Maravilla
Hi can anyone share how to factory reset a VSP 350 Storage system.   Thanks in advance
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elsa santos
I people,   I follow this instructions, with this resources and documentation… (Show more)
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xiongsan feng
Click to view contentHello, My english is not good,i'll try my best to describe this question. I am working on a report,when use sql with left join in "table input" component. The result of this sql should be but when i run this Transformation,the result is Please check out the attchment for more details. Thanks.
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Sylvio Sena
Error in connection Pentaho Server x Firebird !!!   I'm not able to create a Pentaho Server connection with my Firebird base, would anyone have any suggestions? I've tried connecting via Generic Database option, but it did not work!
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