• Saiku does not show subfolders

    Hello, I have Saiku plugin (3.90 CE) installed on Pentaho 8.0. When I try to save a query or open a query I can only see home folder and public folder but I can't see subfolders. Anyone else facing this issue ? How ...
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  • Offline config and performance analysis for USP/VSP Storages

    Originally posted by: Suman Hi Gurus, Could you please help me, how to do a study the configuration and performance of Storage ( out of client site ). Eg: with Device / Tuning Manager. and with out. Thanks
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  • CCI command to check device state (if RO or RW)

    Originally posted by: Amol Bhor Hi, Can we determine the state of device (if RO or RW) using any CCI command? Appreciate any help. -Thanks Amol Bhor.
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  • what is the alternate for itext.jar  which is rejected by IP SAFE process TEAM

    we are using Pentaho report Designer  Community edition to develop reports . which is using itext.jar .
  • Help on installing Pentaho CE 7.1 on linux

    Hi, I want to install pentaho on my linux production env. I tried to find manual installation steps for the version  mentioned and found below link : Prepare Your Linux Environment for a Manual Installation - P...
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  • New to Hitachi storages

    Originally posted by: srinu Hi Experts I am new to Hitachi storages, but have good knowledge on Sun storages. Can some one please let me know , normally which software is used to create LDEV in 9990 storage. Ho...
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  • Are there Virtual Storage Appliances (OVA/OVF)??

    I am looking to deploy virtual arrays into a lab that can be used for staff training and also used to develop automation against.
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  • How to add a materialized view

    Hi I am new to this PDI tools. Actually I have transformation as Table input and table output as the simplest example, then I want to add a materialized view refresh after all transformation finished. How can do that?...
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  • Issue while integrating Pentaho SSO with CAS

    Hi,   While setting up SSO for Pentaho 8.1 with CAS, I have followed the steps as described in the following link.   Switch to Central Authentication Service (CAS) - Pentaho Documentation   Currentl...
    Chandan RR
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  • HNAS to HDCA Integration

    I'm trying to add my HNAS to HDCA. I added my local HNAS fine but I am unable to connect to my HNAS behind an firewall. I had a point to point bi-directional rule created for port 22 from my HDCA Probe server to my SM...
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  • Perl CPAN requirement for Hitachi Data Center Analytics (HDCA Probe)

    Our testing requires a Linux server monitored by HDCA Probe and the requirement is to install perl-CPAN along with below perl modules on the Linux server to be monitored. IO::Select, IO::Handle, File::Path, File::Pat...
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  • Hello all, I can add a host vmware 6.5 to my Vsp g1000 but It's better set wmware or vmware_ex host_mode, please?

    Hello all, I can add a host vmware 6.5 to my Vsp g1000 but It's better set wmware or vmware_ex host_mode, please?
  • J2EE webapp SSO with pentaho

    Hi,   Can you please suggest me a way to integrate my J2EE webapp with pentaho, there are many end users for my applications but my pentaho has few users each specific to a group of end-user. As of now i am usi...
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  • Pentaho CE with commercial purposes

    Hi! In my company I just strated using Pentaho, I am insterested in implementing some Dashboard with commercial purposes, is that possible to do with Pentaho Community Edition (CDE) without having to pay anything? ...
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  • luxadm command with HUS arrays

    Hi,   Can you help me how to find the serial of the array using luxadm display command as below,   # luxadm display 50060e8005b0c33d DEVICE PROPERTIES for disk: 50060e8005b0c33d   Vendor:  &#...
    Seenivasan P
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  • FMD Eradication and Certification

    I have done a quick search of the forum and forgive me if there is info regarding my question somewhere and I missed it. I work for an ITAD company and we do onsite drive erasure for clients. One client we have has as...
    Mike Wilcox
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  • There is Rest API call, which works through Postman but the same call not working through Spoon client.

    There is Rest API call, which works through Postman but the same call not working through Spoon client.   I am trying to access rest based data using POSTMAN client and Pentaho client.   call from postman ...
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  • Error coma decimal en R desde PDI

    Estamos trabajando en Ubuntu y tenemos un problema con la función de interpolación de R, que al ser ejecutada dentro del PDI,  devuelve el valor de la tabla con "," coma decimal y no punto ".". E...
    Natalia Bendati
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  • Modified Java Script Use

    How can I convert a month string like 'JAN' to a string like '01' within a Modified Java Script step?  I have code similar to this: if (TIME == 'JAN') {PostingPeriod = '01' + '/01/' + d.getFullYear(); if (TIME =...
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  • HCP: Enterprise Vault Event 28944

    HCP: Enterprise Vault EventId 28944 I get sometimes this event on our ev server, but with different savesets. I couldn't find in SQL Savesetstore of database or on Hitachi/Namespace   The 3rd party storage sys...
    Thomas Schulze
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