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Nhat Lam
Click to view contentI have some namespace with Object-Count is 0 but I can not delete them. If I create a new namespace, I can delete it. Do I miss something? Please help. Thanks.
in Object Storage Platform
Dario Lah
HCP has html namespace browser at URL: https://<namespace>.<tenant>.<>/browser   SSL cert for domain is wildcard: * This cert covers <tenant>.<> but not <namespace>.<tenant>.<> When using namespace browser user is presented with warning for invalid SSL cert.   Is there some other URL format for… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Govanna Flores
Click to view contentThe Challenge Servicing tens of thousands of students and its staff, this customer (a research university in Asia) was facing a common challenge. The need to keep the exchange of information flowing, securely. A few months prior, the university had fallen victim to a phishing scam and had emails hacked. Word of the security incident made its way… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Mahesh Wijenayaka
We are planning to migrate few name spaces from HCP500 to HCP G10. We have previously used HCP Data Migrator for which we have the documentation available at HitachiVantara product page. But it is not available for download. Does anyone know from where it can be downloaded?
in Object Storage Platform
Larry Fee
I have a client that would like to tag a vlan to the mgmt. interface on HDI Single node. he gets an error when he tries, and we are not sure if it is our command, or if it is possible it is only supported on data ports. Any info would be appreciated
in Object Storage Platform
Ralf Siekierski
Hi Folks, for our Cloud Storage Projekt with HDI VM, we are searching for the actual SNMP TRAP REFRENCE TABLE for HDI to setup our monitoring. Can you help us, and provide us the requested file.   Thank you in Advance Ralf Siekierski
in Object Storage Platform
Peter Isaac
Hi All   HCP and HDI both are deployed on VM environment for demo purpose. All possible setup in HCP is done. I am facing following problems;   1. When I am trying to create file system on HDI with Content Sharing - OFF , I am getting the error as " A namespace cannot be created because acquisition of system information failed" This error… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
Sukrit b Phiboon
If use S10 to keep the object and G10 for metadata So does S10 have deduplication function on it ?
in Object Storage Platform
Christian Richter
Hello Folks, we are using ELK to collect syslogs. The ELK stack is in another subnet - behind a firewall which has a lot of work to do, due to the UDP packages of the syslog. We have up to 5000 UDP packages per second but not yet many customers are using the HCP. The MUI doesn't give any option to switch logging to TCP. So we need to setup a… (Show more)
in Object Storage Platform
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