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Introducing Hitachi Content Intelligence

Blog Post created by Scott Baker Employee on Nov 15, 2016

Introducing Hitachi Content Intelligence

Transform Data Into Valuable And Relevant Business Information Today


Picture1.pngToday we’re launching Hitachi Content Intelligence -- a new data analytics and recommendation solution that extends our object storage portfolio. Content Intelligence can connect to the different data silos in your organization, analyze the data stored there, apply transformation and enrichment logic to increase the data's value.  This results in the centralization of organizational data processed to ensure it is of the highest quality and relevance to your organization.  Centralizing the data with a focus on quality means that insights are surfaced quicker and are actionable.  Scott Baker, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Content Intelligence at Hitachi, writes about the simple idea behind Content Intelligence and its impact on your transformative strategies: the best solution to help improve the productivity and capabilities of your workforce.


Better Data Means Better Business AND Better Leaders


Our world today is fast-paced, digitally connected, and incredibly competitive. These truths translate to the fact that organizations are holding everyone to higher standards.  Leaders in all areas of business are being pressured to show results and consistently demonstrate their effectiveness.  While it’s fair to say that most consider strong business results in improving the bottom line, it can also be demonstrated through improvements to operational effectiveness and workforce productivity.  So the question is – are you an effective leader?  Whether you answer is “yes” or “no”, quality data becomes the proof.


There is nothing new about big data – it still clings to an established exponential growth trend so there’s no need to for conversations to continue to lead with this.  I would encourage you to instead take a stand and challenge them to shift from that approach and instead focus on the details and benefits of a data quality strategy.  Consider what that means – today, your effectiveness as a leader (let alone your business) comes from the analysis of data which is why focusing on data quality is so essential.


Data has become critical to achieving a competitive edge in today’s markets. With so man options available to help analyze data, Hitachi wants to help you clarify the most effective methods to achieve a market edge. Creating a clearly articulated data strategy helps ensure that you and your staff are focusing on the right things. This also ensures that the work you and your team perform has a direct and measurable business impact.



Remember, the workforce is ultimately looking for access to the highest quality data, regardless of location, to explore, ask questions, test theories, and put the results into action immediately.


Clearly articulating your business objectives, defining the goals and tactics to address those objectives, improving processes, and including stakeholders in the conversation is critical to a data quality strategy.  It is also important to review how the technology supports your objectives and strengthens the foundation to ensure your data is of the highest quality possible and available to the right users when they need it most.


Introducing Hitachi Content Intelligence


At HDS, we believe in making every bit of an organization’s data available, insightful and actionable.  I am proud to announce Hitachi Content Intelligence, a new addition to our trusted and leading Hitachi Content Portfolio.  With Content Intelligence, organizations can connect to and aggregate data from siloed repositories, transforming and enriching data as it’s processed and centralizing the results for authorized users to access.  By balancing  our existing HCP Portfolio, Hitachi is now the only object storage vendor in the market with seamlessly integrated cloud-file gateway, enterprise file synchronization and sharing, and big data exploration and analytics.



Hitachi Content Portfolio: Centralizing Organizational Data


Content Intelligence is the most flexible and comprehensive policy-based data exploration, search, and content analytics solution on the market.  It enables our customers to easily explore their multi-structured data regardless of where it resides using familiar features and interfaces. IT Administrators and Content Managers benefit from complete control over what data sources to aggregate, the ability to design processes to surface the most insightful data, and ensure those insights are actionable.  This is all accomplished without compromising the visibility, management, control, sensitivity, and security requirements of the business has for the data.  This architecture also results in a foundation that is both flexible and performant and very capable to support the transformative strategies you may be planning - be it modernizing your core IT capabilities, or a more strategic bi-modal effort.


Hitachi Content Portfolio: A Foundation to Enable Digital Transformation Strategies


Several large companies are already excited about and using Content Intelligence including: the National Archives and Records Agency with Hitachi Consulting, Precision Discovery, and Rabobank.  This excitement is also building in our partners such as Search Technologies, IKON-Technologies, and others.


Three Amazing Features of Hitachi Content Intelligence


Content Intelligence contains a multitude of capabilities and features and can be extended as necessary to meet the unique needs of our customers, including:


  • Together with the HCP Portfolio it exemplifies a technology solution that covers all four pillars of digital transformations – managing, governing, mobilizing and analyzing data.
  • As a software solution, it's optimized for scale and performance with deployment options that include physical, virtual, or hosted (public or private cloud).
  • It’s designed to safely and securely maintain data sensitivity by ensuring users can only access the data they are authorized to use.


With Hitachi Content Intelligence You Can:


  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency by creating a standard and consistent enterprise search process across entire organizational data sets
  • Empower all levels of the organization with a self-service and intuitive out-of-the-box data exploration experience that includes support for detailed queries and ad-hoc natural language searches
  • Discover new insights faster through automated extraction, classification, enrichment and categorization of all of their data
  • Minimize business risk and exposure from data that is unaccessible, dark or has been lost/forgotten, while improving the operational effectiveness of the business
  • Optimize existing infrastructure by identifying infrequently accessed and automated relocation to a lower-cost object storage tier


How Hitachi Content Intelligence Works


Better data means better business and better leaders.  In other words, the process starts when the focus is squarely on the quality of your data and how it is aligned to your business objectives. Content Intelligence delivers the data quality management capabilities that are critical to ensuring better data by addressing the following:


Managed Access to Unlimited Data


Content Intelligence ships with pre-built data connections.  Connections are used to create relationships between our solution and the repositories containing your data.  With out-of-the-box support for our Content Portfolio, Content Intelligence can interrogate multi-structured data in the data center, at remote sites, and even on end-point devices.  Content Intelligence can also connect to and process data that is stored in a cloud repository or accessible via an S3 protocol, as well as data located on filesystems.  Data connections can be created as required with the product's comprehensive and fully documented software developers kit.



Hitachi Content Intelligence supports multiple data connections


Accelerated Data Preparation and Reduce Costs


Content Intelligence is a containerized software solution so you have deployment flexibility and scale: bare-metal, virtual machines or in the cloud (see below).  Content Intelligence relies on Dockers to manage the resources required to both process data and respond with recommendations based on user interactions and queries.  As a containerized solution, you are able to move the processing of data much closer to the source instead of blindly storing all data.  By applying data analytics and parallel processing as earlier in the data lifecycle, the storage footprint grows at a pace and scale aligned to the data with the highest degree of quality and referential value to your business.



Hitachi Content Intelligence Deployment Options


It's not just about search - you can also use Content Intelligence as a migration tool and regularly move data between different IT systems based on the rules you define.  This creates an optimization relationship between storage tiers which stale data is moved to a centralized data hub (in this case HCP) for longer term retention and future access.


Faster Data Analysis and Exploration


Analytic agility is a key effect when Content Intelligence and HCP’s central data hub are deployed together.  Your IT organization can now provide the line of business, DevOps, analysts and data scientists with a self-service environment to ask new questions and rapidly integrate, combine, and explore any data they need.  In essence, Content Intelligence is applying structure to multi-structured data and using custom metadata to increase the data's quality, relevance and referential value.  This structure can be applied incrementally over time, rather than only at the time the data is created.


With Content Intelligence, you have immediate access to the tools necessary to integrate the system into your existing IT security services and the ability to manage the overall performance of the cluster.  Your content managers, or those responsible for deciding how data should be processed, can use our workflow designer to create connections to data sources, pipelines and processing stages, and define what should become of the processed data.



Hitachi Content Search provides your workforce with access to newly enriched data they are authorized to access and can make use of full-text natural language searching, faceted navigation, data refinement, sorting, and other advanced query capabilities.  Because the results are tailored to the user, the workforce is more productive with access to all of the data necessary in performing exploration activities to identify new business opportunities, determining new ways to improve operational processes, and discovering better ways to engage with your customers.


Conclusion and More Information


Overly abundant data presents new opportunities to organizations - especially to those searching for new ways to use the data and better ways to value it.  Until now, reliance on point-based systems previously available, left data behind or failed to address the scale and performance needs of the business.  Hitachi’s focus on a truly unified and centralized platform to address data management, governance, mobilization, and now analytics is the game-changer you need to improve data quality and have a positive impact on workforce productivity. Hitachi's Content Intelligence can strengthen your data analysis so that you can improve data quality, drive a focused business and increase profitability.  We are help to help you succeed!


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