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Different Name – Same Results. Hitachi Vantara Named “Leader” in IDC’s MarketScape for Object-Based Storage for the 3rd Consecutive Time

Blog Post created by Govanna Flores Employee on Jun 28, 2018

In an age where change, transformation, mergers, and unicorns are the norm and little is constant, we’re happy to share that, for the third consecutive time, Hitachi Vantara has been named a “Leader” in IDC’s MarketScape for Object-Based Storage.

Hitachi Vantara Rating Was Based on IDC's Assessment of our Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio

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IDC analysts evaluated some of the most notable object-based storage vendors, measuring them on their ability to deliver a solution that can address the market's current & future needs. IDC cited the following as critical in their evaluation:

  • Security
  • Multicloud strategy initiatives
  • Performance
  • Information life-cycle management
  • Cost

These qualifications, in combination with our revenue compared to the competition, not only earned Hitachi Vantara a clear "Leader" position, but also earned us one of the more prominant bubble sizes in this year's report.

Among our biggest strengths was our ability to stay aligned with the needs of the market through our integrated portfolio which includes HCP Anywhere (sync & share), Hitachi Data Ingestor (cloud storage gateway) and Hitachi Content Intelligence (search and analytics). The report also highlights Hitachi’s extensive ecosystem of partners that can support both traditional and next generation use cases such as Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise file sync and share, etc. Our commitment to solving critical use cases like “data analytics on unstructured data” were also a factored into our ranking.

With the widest breadth of public cloud service support in the industry, HCP can repurpose existing storage investments to both hybrid and private cloud. With a multitude of must-have and "nice-to-have-features” HCP’s architecture supports standard and custom metadata and is coupled with intelligent policy-based management that go beyond simple storage tasks. The Hitachi Content Platform portfolio is a lynchpin that allows customers to successfully execute against their strategies to store, enrich, activate and ultimately, innovate with their data.

We are proud that IDC’s findings in this year’s MarketScape are aligned with the priorities of the award-winning, and now industry-leading HCP and by extension, the suite of HCP portfolio products. An industry leader for 14+ years, HCP has the largest install base with over 2,000 customers and notable success across verticals:

    • 4 of 5 of the largest banks in the world use HCP
    • 4 o 5 of the largest insurance organizations in the US use HCP
    • 2 out of 5 of the top 5 world's largest media companies use HC
    • 2 out of 3 of the top 3 major premium cable networks use HCP
    • 5 out of 10 of the 10 world's largest telecom companies use HCP


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