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University Transforms Collaboration

Blog Post created by Govanna Flores Employee on Apr 4, 2019

The Challenge

Servicing tens of thousands of students and its staff, this customer (a research university in Asia) was facing a common challenge. The need to keep the exchange of information flowing, securely. A few months prior, the university had fallen victim to a phishing scam and had emails hacked. Word of the security incident made its way to the local news. The university began the search for a solution that would deliver the security they needed, and the flexibility their students and staff require in an “always-on” world. The university would also need to balance the recommendations of the government, who suggested that university move away from SMB protocols for file-sharing.


The Solution

The university was already leveraging a popular (and free) collaboration tool and evaluating another tool. We were given 10 minutes to provide a demo and prove how HCP Anywhere could deliver more value and security than their existing solution and the competing vendor. The value proposition was simple: HCP Anywhere can protect data end to end unlike the incumbent at a better price point than the alternative competing vendor.


Because HCP Anywhere was designed for the enterprise, it takes a “security-first” approach, no reverse engineering required. Unlike many other cloud-based tools, you will own your data, and any encryption keys - giving you complete control at the onset. As an on-premises solution, the data begins its journey already hosted and protected through your existing corporate security policies. Users can download the application and use HCP Anywhere like they would any other collaboration tool – leveraging their existing network user name and password. But instead of data floating out of the datacenter out of sight, it all stays within the visibility and control of IT. Always adhering to your existing compliance and governance policies. HCP Anywhere also provides the ability to quickly recover from ransomware attacks (if you want complete details on the “how”, read here). Security advantage over incumbent? Check.


We also ran a TCO analysis which compared the enterprise licensing costs of the popular competing vendor vs. HCP Anywhere. Because they would be deploying at least 5,000 licenses, fter the 4th year HCP Anywhere came in at a lower price point. This customer will actually own the solution, while eliminating having to pay licensing fees for the life of their organization. Lower cost than competing solution? Check!


Now that it was established that HCP Anywhere could provide superior security and costs over the two solutions – it was time to test it out with potential users. The university piloted HCP Anywhere with 300 non-technical users to test usability. 300 quickly grew to 12,000 users and over the next 3 years will continue to add users until it provides the service to 50,000 staff and students. The solution was white-labeled as a university-branded tool to deliver an even more customized experience for users.


The Benefits

By partnering with Hitachi Vantara, the customer was able to realize its vision of a “Digital Workplace” where staff can securely access and share data any time, any place and from any device. The list of benefits achieved extend beyond file sharing and include:


Improve Staff Productivity

  • Access data easily, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Promote collaboration among staff

Ensure Data Security

  • Visibility of data sharing and access
  • Built-in multi-tenant feature that ensures data privacy at the user level
  • No data access for even root administrator

User Data Protection

  • Sync capability continuously protect user data
  • Versioning which allows recovery from ransomware
  • Full self-service portal


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