Govanna Flores

Hitachi Content Platform’s All-Flash Brings Speed and Agility to Massive Data Sets

Blog Post created by Govanna Flores Employee on Jun 5, 2019

Just recently, we announced a new research study commissioned by Hitachi Vantara and IDC where feedback from over 1000 IT leaders worldwide confirmed what we, at Hitachi Vantara, already knew, object storage has become more than just archiving, and can support many of today’s critical IT initiatives.


 In conjunction with the release of the research study, we also announced a number of key portfolio enhancements that can support larger, more performant workloads, stringent security and more advanced data management activities. Among the updates, we introduced an all-flash configuration for Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). This high-performance configuration unlocks even more uses for object storage and delivers increased performance for applications requiring low latency and higher IOPS or for applications that require faster metadata indexing and searching. Many customers have already begun to see the benefits of an all-flash HCP configuration, and while we can’t share their names, here is a little more about their use cases:

Object-based storage will certainly be playing an increased role in production-tier workloads. As we continue to see adoption across all environments – both on and off premises – features like all-flash will help usher in new, more performant use cases beyond archiving that drive additional value for organizations.”– Amita Potnis, Research Manager, IDC


1. Top Ten Banking Institution

This financial institution needed a higher performance solution for a transaction-heavy core banking application that services their >50 million consumer and small business clients worldwide. Considered a critical “tier one” application, this customer required a solution that could deliver within their tight performance window and had unmatched compliance and security features to protect customer data and operate in their highly regulated industry. Hitachi Content Platform all-flash configuration was the only solution that could deliver both the performance they demanded and the security they required. In fact, not only did HCP all-flash configuration meet their performance expectations, it exceeded them, delivering performance improvements of 200 - 300%, with some jobs achieving a 1200% performance improvement over their existing traditional object storage solution. The customer was so impressed with HCP all-flash’s performance, that the response times achieved with this solution quickly became the benchmark which all future solutions would be measured against.


2. Multinational Financial Services Company

With nearly 1 trillion objects adding up to over 12 petabytes across 51 different application silos, this customer wanted to collapse the disparate applications into one solution that could:


  • Provide high performance search, legal hold, compliance, dispositioning, etc.
  • Deliver higher/faster regulatory reporting


The customer wanted to retire the existing applications and would need to extract the data and metadata into one solution. While they considered other vendors, none of them met the high-performance capabilities offered by the HCP all-flash configuration. Coupled with the VSP G 700, our managed service solution would deliver a next-generation archive and analytics platform at tremendous scale. This new solution would not only allow them to ingest the hundreds of billions of existing objects and their metadata from their previous applications, they would be able to manage any future object growth and deploy new use cases like analytics with Content Intelligence in the future.


  1. 3. Government Organization



This government customer needed a solution that could manage all of their critical client information. Traditional object storage solutions would not meet the high-performance requirements this customer required. HCP all-flash was able to meet their requirements for their 1 petabyte of data and required low response time. In fact, this solution was able to achieve a sub-15 millisecond response rate.


Object Storage for the Future

As the IDC InfoBrief outlines – and as proven in the examples above – object storage is taking on a much more critical role outside of the traditional archiving use cases. By combining the inherit nature of object storage with the high-speed chops of an all-flash configuration, Hitachi Vantara is helping to usher in this wave of options across industries. Continual innovation will only increase the use cases object storage can address. The next time you’re examining solutions for a challenging new data problem, be sure to take a closer look at object storage