• Which Kaspersky anti-malware would be deployed with HCP Anywhere?

    Which Kaspersky anti-malware would be deployed with HCP Anywhere? - Kaspersky Security for Storage or - Kaspersky Total Security for Business 10.0 Our Kaspersky re-seller told us to install Kaspersky Security for ...
    Thammasak Nimit
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  • Data Governance: Turning the compliance challenge to your advantage

    With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place and ransomware attacks hitting the front pages of newspapers, data governance is currently a hot topic for enterprises. High-level executives are asking qu...
    Herwig Evenepoel
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  • HCP/Solix

    Colleagues,   Does anyone have deployment with Solix/S3 and HCP/S3...?   Thanks, Manfred
    Manfred Gramlich
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  • Compliance As A Competitive Advantage

    Object storage is key part of the digital transformation taking place among our customers as they use it to deliver insight and enable themselves to compete more effectively, and help workers around the world collabor...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • When Worlds (Don't) Collide: Content Mobility and Data Governance

    In the past I have written about mobility as the new normal and how “With the right enterprise-grade tools, IT can encourage proper data mobility so workers can work the way they want, from wherever they want.&#...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • HCP node object count limit - 800K

    Hello - I'm looking for information on the nature of the 800K 800 Mil objects per node limit on HCP. Is it a guideline/soft limit or a technically enforced hard limit ? What actually happens when the object count re...
    Jonathan White
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    I would like to know if we have any CLI for HCP??
    Rakesh Ponnada
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  • Does HCP have file system auditing

    It's necessary for us to audit file system activity generated by end users (file/folder created/opened/modified/deleted/renamed, etc) and pull this into a 3rd party application. I don't see this functionality mentione...
    Julian Andrews
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  • Redefining File Services: Unveiling the way to a smarter data storage strategy

    The pressure on IT teams is quickly approaching breaking point. The extraordinary growth of unstructured data is showing no signs of slowing down, and expectations for innovative new services are rising fast. Across t...
    Herwig Evenepoel
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  • Domino archiving to HDI/HCP

    Hi Everyone:      Does anyone had experience for Domino archiving to an NFS export from HDI?  Is it make sense or not? Thank for helping.   Best Regards..
    David Tao
    created by David Tao
  • Renaming file or folder in HCP

    In a namespace published in a HCP with CIFS protocol in windows server 2008, it does not let me rename a file or folder. I have all the permissions in the namespace.
    Antonio Carvallo
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  • Can we control the bandwidth usage between a HDI and a HCP?

    As the title says : Can we control the bandwidth usage between a HDI and a HCP ?   I would like to connect an HDI in one of our branch offices to our HCP but I need to make sure that the traffic between those 2 ...
    Frederic Medico
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  • Is it possible to clone a tenant within the HCP?

    I need a possibility to copy the complete content of a tenant (all namespaces etc.) to a second tenant created just for that purpose. And this within one HCP system.
    Ralf Buschmann
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  • HCP Plug in

    We are going to setup new Netbackup environment with Master and Media server of version 8.0 and would like to connect HCP as backend storage, I would like to know whether we any plug in required to have the HCP storage
    bhuvankumar kuppannagari
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  • Clock protection in compliance namespace

    This question is best asked by presenting the following scenario:   I own an manage an HCP appliance in my data center.   On January 5th, 2018, I write file filename.txt to a compliance namespaces on HCP a...
    Mat Kotowsky
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  • Companies Seek Data Mobility Goldilocks

    Enterprises everywhere are at a data mobility crossroads. Many companies have moved along the acceptance curve of the BYOD trend, but others use a stop-gap approach when it comes to providing true data protection and ...
    Jeff Lundberg
    created by Jeff Lundberg
  • HCP-Tenant

    Hi All, By mistake I erase all users from HCP tenant, how can I delete this tenant, cause I can't access into it?   thank you.
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  • hcpdm copy

    Hi,   Im trying to copy a set of files with hcpdm and the command looks like this:   hcpdm copy -s "LFS" -d "Helium log ARKIV" --source-path "Z:" --destination-path "/barmab/" "C:\Apps\HeliumToArchive.txt"...
    Martin Borjesson
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  • HDI to HCP Migration Task Policy Condition not working

    Hi,   I can not seem to get HDI to HCP Migration Task Policy settings to work.   I have set a policy to effectively exclude all files with a particular pattern but the migration task still attempts to migr...
    Malcolm Gibbs
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  • Hitachi S-Node Object Store Evaluation v2.0.0.25 not working

    Hi,   I am attempting to setup the HCP S-Series Demo Virtual Machine called  "Hitachi S-Node Object Store Evaluation v2.0.0.25 - HS441_2.0.0.25" supplied by my HDS System Engineer.   When I install th...
    Malcolm Gibbs
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