• S3 Compatibility

    Hi!  Hitachi themselve say they do not support S3 up to 100%. So they name their API HS3 or write "S3-compatible".  But I can't find an actual list/documentation about what is supported and what does not w...
    Christian Richter
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  • How to get next page from HCP Anywhere Reporting API?

    Next page from reporting API. Could someone explain how to use that next page token? I don't understand how that PageToken is added to that curl. Here what is at help file. Creating a paging token input parameter ...
    Jyri Aaltonen
    created by Jyri Aaltonen
  • Hosting static sites

    Is it possible to host a static site through the Hitachi S3 namespaces? At the moment I can't find a way to view my html files, only download them. Thanks
    James Ralph
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  • Can not delete empty HCP namespaces

    I have some namespace with Object-Count is 0 but I can not delete them. If I create a new namespace, I can delete it. Do I miss something? Please help. Thanks.
    Nhat Lam
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  • SSL for HCP namespace browser

    HCP has html namespace browser at URL: https://<namespace>.<tenant>.<domain.com>/browser   SSL cert for domain is wildcard: *.domain.com This cert covers <tenant>.<domain.com> but...
    Dario Lah
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  • Where to download the HCP Data Migrator?

    We are planning to migrate few name spaces from HCP500 to HCP G10. We have previously used HCP Data Migrator for which we have the documentation available at HitachiVantara product page. But it is not available for do...
    Mahesh Wijenayaka
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  • adding new lun on HCP 500

    Hi all i just create HCP 500 with existing capacity 3 TB, and now i just want to grow up? can i grow up lunwho already assign to HCP 500?   i try grow up lun without adding new node, is there any way to upgrade...
    Audhie Ardhana
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  • tag a vlan to management port on HDI

    I have a client that would like to tag a vlan to the mgmt. interface on HDI Single node. he gets an error when he tries, and we are not sure if it is our command, or if it is possible it is only supported on data port...
    Larry Fee
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  • Does S10 have deduplication functio or only data store in G10 ?

    If use S10 to keep the object and G10 for metadata So does S10 have deduplication function on it ?
    Sukrit b Phiboon
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  • Syslog TCP

    Hello Folks, we are using ELK to collect syslogs. The ELK stack is in another subnet - behind a firewall which has a lot of work to do, due to the UDP packages of the syslog. We have up to 5000 UDP packages per secon...
  • What happens when a file in the HCP AW folder is infected with Ransomware and synchronized with HCP AW?

    Hi. I have a question about HCP AW Ransomware.   We say that customers who are interested in HCP AW can recover data through the Versioning function of HCP AW if they are infected with Ransomware.   But ther...
    Sanghoon Lee
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  • HCP Data Migrator - Very Slow Data Transfer

    I'm trying to use the HCP Data Migrator in Windows 2008 server to migrate/ingest around 500GB of data from SAN.  I'm seeing that the tool is very slow in moving the data across.  In 45mts, only 1GB of data h...
    Karthikeyan Sivaraman
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  • HCP - Impossible to connect to the console

    Hello,   I am trying to install using  the HCP HS424_7.3.2.12.zip archive. I followed the quick install guide without success as the  does not work. Screeshot of the con...
  • C# Code for HCP MQE API query

    All-- Does someone have a sample of C# code to be able to get the etag and sha-256 HCP hash code for an object via the HCP MQE API?   Thanks, Jake Larrimore
    Jake Larrimore
    created by Jake Larrimore
  • Unable to open xml files in browser

    We are saving xml files using HCP API and its done successfully..But when we try to open the file in browser its giving me an error..as it is not able to parse the xml document..same issue when we try to access the do...
    Kishore Guntur
    created by Kishore Guntur
  • HCPAW with AD error No key Distribution center can be found in domain

    We follow the configuration stated in admin doc for HCPAW intergrate with AD, however we end up with No key distribution center can be found. Anybody has experience and has the fixed steps?
    Mohd Azmir Abd Aziz
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  • Windows HCP Data Migrator authentication issues

    Continue to get HTTP 403 messages even though I am using an authorised user in the HCPDM profile. Where can I find more verbose logging information which might point me to the problem
    william english
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  • HCI: How to import custom metadata along with ingested files from HCP?

    I'm building a workflow in HCI to ingest files from HCP. The files are bzip2 compressed eml files and as they arrive on intermediate content servers, they have metadata extracted and stored alongside the original fil...
    Marek Kaszycki
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  • enterprise vault GDPR Compliance with HCP

    Morning, Have a query about deleting emails . journal entries . We're currently using Enterprise Vault to archive to a Tenant in HCP - a journal namespace and an email namespace. How are people handling GDPR? EV is a...
    Gary Matthews
    created by Gary Matthews
  • Free trial to download Hitachi Cloud object storage

    Does Hitachi gives 30/60 day free trial to download Hitachi Cloud object storage supporting S3 protocol? If yes, could you please share me the link to download.
    Dawood b Munavar
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