• Error 401s: Unable to get authorization token from HCI in REST Call

    Error 401s: Unable to get authorization token from HCI in REST Call to ...8000:auth/oauth Background: Google Chrome We are using a Hitachi HCI image for development purpose SSL invalid (Certificate) error in brows...
    Cainan Mustapha
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  • HUS150 CIFS Share Access

    Hello,   We got many CIFS shares accessible by their dns names but not with their IP addresses, someone can tell me why ?
    Nabil El haouari
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  • Execute ETL with nodejs

    I have created Excel importing ETL file successfully. Now, I want to integrate this ETL with nodejs. ie, I need to execute ELT file when giving request (or imprting excel file) from nodejs application. Could you pleas...
    Rugma K Manas
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  • Expand a DP Pool with FMD and Accelerated Compression enabled

    At the time of the implementation on a VSP Gx00, 4 Parity Groups (RAID5 6D-1P of 6.4TB with FMD Disk) had been created with the option "Accelerated Compression" active. This made each PG to be: * Physical Size: 38.4...
    Val Appleyard
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    We are using Pentaho 6.1 and attempting to import a directory into the repository. We get multiple errors of ORA-00001: unique constraint (PENTAHO_DEV.IDX_RSAT) violated   which we are unable to resolve. ...
    Rich Ford
    created by Rich Ford
  • Couldn't get field info from [SELECT * FROM products LIMIT 0]

    Hi, I have pentaho CE 8.1 with MySQL...I'm doing the tutorial from "Pentaho Data Integration - Beginners' Guide", chap 9 populating a data base. I have done all the previous exercises about reading databases, but in ...
    Eric Rosales
    created by Eric Rosales
  • PRPT Component in Pentaho CDE

    Hi Team,   Kindly guide me how to call the PRPT in CDE framework   I have my prpt under admin folder   what i have to give in Solution and path name   http://localhost:8080/pentaho/api/repos/h...
    Kiruthika M
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  • PRPT Master query executuion

    Hi Team,   I am working on to pass the column name as the parameter. So am using Masterreport for that.   Kindly guide me how to render the coulmn name in the filed.   https://help.pentaho.com/Docume...
    Kiruthika M
    created by Kiruthika M
  • Can we allocate G400 encrypted PGs for HNAS

    Custoer want's to enable encryption for all raid groups in G400 Unified Storage. Can we use encrypted PGS to create DP pool and use DP volumes for HNAS allocation? is there any limitation?
    Ramesh Kondeti
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  • KTR now fails after upgrade to PDI 7.1 from 6.1

    Hi, we're trying to upgrade from PDI CE using java 1.8.0_179 to PDI CE.   Job that ran fine under 6.1 now has abort on 71 Calculator step with this error:   error: java.util.Date can...
    Adam Kahn
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  • Set how long to keep Health Check reports

    We received warnings that performance may be affected because too many Health Check reports where stored.  Is there a way to automatically delete health reports older than X date?  I just had to manually rem...
    Kevin Masteller
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  • SSL/TLS error with G1000 SMI-S

    Hi All   I hope someone on here can assist me.  I get the following error when trying to use the G1K embedded SMI-S provider in System Center VMM:   Could not retrieve a certificate from the server be...
    Wilfred Moyo
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  • new AmazonS3Client(creds,clientConfig) is showing as deprecated from latest aws-java-sdk. How could we use HS3 api in latest aws-java-sdk  versions.

    Form latest aws-java-sdk version the new AmazonS3Client is showing as deprecated. If so how could we use HS3 java api through latest aws versions.
    balaji dhashanamoorthi
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  • Column name is not comming on schma workbench

    Dear Exports, Right now i am trying to creating the cubs using schema workbench, also have connected with my sql db and getting all tables for respected DB. While creating schema not able to see my column names. PFA...
    palanimurugan s
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  • Replacement disk showing as detached

    Hi all,   We have a HUS110 SAN which recently had a failed disk. We replaced this disk which was purchased (new) off a 3rd party company and inserted it into the tray. The disk is showing as detached with the fo...
    Adam O'Brien
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  • Need training material for HUR

    Hi Team can anyone let me know the docs and videos for HUR related things. I need where I can get the stuff related to HUR along with 3DC delta resync configuration and implementation.
  • Hitachi HUS Alerting

    We have HUS 130 Storage Model, would like to configure the SNMP Agent trap forwarding to the SNMP Manager. At SNMP manager would like to get all the Trap details with the Trap Code. Example: Trap Code: 3 Trap:fanfa...
    Saranraj K
    created by Saranraj K
  • export tool exits at line2, username/password.

    I have logged into the svp using the same username / password which I am using in the command.txt file. export tool is exiting in few seconds showing error at line2, username / password. I am following below syntax:...
    Somu Upadhyayula
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  • How can i create automatically 100 accounts on Pentaho User Console

    Hello Community, I have a question for the creation of users on Pentaho User Console, Actually i want to create 100 account in the Pentaho User Console with an automatic way ( A script or a procedure ). Note that i ...
    slim chaffar
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  • CCI or CLI command for truecopy license amount information

    Is there any chance to get truecopy license amount information via CCI or HCS CLI? I can't find any command for this in the reference guides?
    David Bohne
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