• HCP: Enterprise Vault Event 28944

    HCP: Enterprise Vault EventId 28944 I get sometimes this event on our ev server, but with different savesets. I couldn't find in SQL Savesetstore of database or on Hitachi/Namespace   The 3rd party storage sys...
    Thomas Schulze
    created by Thomas Schulze
  • HORCM\CCI on Windows

    I am setting up Horcm for CCI on Windows 2008, running into issues starting it. Horcom is installed on D\HORCM I placed sample file in C:\Windows\horcm88.conf   Then setup enviroment variable HORCM_CONF=C:\Wi...
    Fazil Saiyed
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  • HDI OS Rollback

    We are planning to upgrade OS version of Hitachi Data Injestor. What is the Rollback procedure for HDI, in case the upgrade becomes unsuccessful.   Shirantha
  • Hitachi iConnect App on iOS 11.2.2.

    I hope it's the right place to post my question because I couldn't find any other Hitachi official community. The iConnect app was working just fine when my iPhone 7 was running iOS 10. However that I updated to iOS 1...
    Garry Joshi
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  • pentaho report designer collapse/expand hierarchy

    Hello! In JPivot or Saiku I can see hierarchy. I also can expand or collapse level. I mean: OR Is it possible to do the same in Pentaho Report Designer? I mean to implement collapsing and expanding. If yes, pl...
    Misha Smirnov
    created by Misha Smirnov
  • Set how long to keep Health Check reports

    We received warnings that performance may be affected because too many Health Check reports where stored.  Is there a way to automatically delete health reports older than X date?  I just had to manually rem...
    Kevin Masteller
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  • How Create CDA For MongoDB using Pentaho

    Hello Team,   I would like to know how we can create MongoDB CDA using Pentaho where the data source are in MongoDB server. I have tried for different SQL Databases but this time I cant connect with MongoDB with...
    scott mitchell
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  • Server configuration

    What would be a good setup for an ETL server. Memory, disk space, processor!
  • VSP G400 Unified nas service issue

    1. Product: VSP G400 with NAS Unified Module. 2. Description: When tried Read/Write accessing the NAS filesystem on Four Servers connected with EVS2 on the NAS Module 2(Cluster-2), the access was NAS filesystem ping...
    Hyun-Dong Cho
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  • SSL/TLS error with G1000 SMI-S

    Hi All   I hope someone on here can assist me.  I get the following error when trying to use the G1K embedded SMI-S provider in System Center VMM:   Could not retrieve a certificate from the server be...
    Wilfred Moyo
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  • HUS 100 Replace HDD

    Hi, We've a HSU 100 unit with 24 drives, the actual unit comes with Seagate 300 Gbps, We would like to replace those hard drives 2.5'' for more capacity HDD, What do you suggest?   There is a consideration for...
    Ruben Rosa
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  • HUS110 to HUS150 Migration Possibilities

    Hello All, Could you please let me know if I could perform the data migration from HUS110 to HUS150 as we are planning to poweroff HUS110 and use HUS150 instead.   If the volume migration is possible then shoul...
    Hareesh KP
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  • Complete Details Hitachi Video Analytics product about price and lincesing

    Hey, I need complete details about Hitachi video analytics product do we only need this software or also want to buy the hardware can and one tell me the pricing of this product.
    ozair zafar
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  • Metadata injection with Big Data Plugin, HBase write step

    I want to make an Mapping for the HBase write step generic. For that i used the inject metadata step. The table that i use in the metadata injection is specified in the attachment.   However, i allways get to t...
    Falco Winkler
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  • PRPT Master query executuion

    Hi Team,   I am working on to pass the column name as the parameter. So am using Masterreport for that.   Kindly guide me how to render the coulmn name in the filed.   https://help.pentaho.com/Docume...
    Kiruthika M
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  • Add disks to a RAID group

    Hi to everybody,   We have a HUS 110 with a RAID5 (4D+1P) SSD with a single volume of 1.4TB capacity. We want increase the volume capacity, adding 5 more SSDs to this RG.   Is the correct way to expand to...
    Nelson Neves
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  • karaf can't load plugin

    i run kettle on eclipse. but the karaf in kettle can't load its plugins from the path (pentaho.user.dir) ******************************************************************************* *** Karaf Instance Number: 1 a...
    yang dong
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  • Error when opening files

    Hi...I installed the BI-server CE 8.1 on windows 10 and MySQL...after some issues solved I was able to login into the server...When attempting to open any analysis, let's say: BrowseFiles==> public==> SteelWheel...
    Eric Rosales
    created by Eric Rosales
  • Looking  for documents and process to microcode

    Hello , Could some one please share the process to upgrade the HUS VM to 73-03-60 . What impact is has when doing the upgrade . Whether it is rolling upgrades , and what things to check post the upgrade process Any ...
    Anand Vihar
    created by Anand Vihar
  • Oracle , HNAS , HDID snapshut failed

    Dear all I have a Oracle 11g r2 DB that build on HNAS 4080 NFS share. I try to create an Oracle snapshut by HDID . I got a failed.... Any help .... Thanks~   Error 0 Sequence script 'Application' failed: ...
    Tiki Lin
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