• Difference of data in the dashboard compared to the database

    Lucas b Bulow
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  • HUR question

    Hello, I have a G1500 in one Location and a G1000 in another Location. Distance is about 500km. I want to connect them via HUR. They have 2x 7800 installed in every Location. The Distance from 1x 7800 to the G1500 i...
    Volker Osswald
    created by Volker Osswald
  • HUS: DP Optimization is suspended

    I have started a normal DP Optimization task (with ZPR) on a DP Pool with four volumes. Two of the volumes are now stuck on status of 'suspended' and the other two are 'pending'.     The event log shows t...
    Daniel Kleeman
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  • JOB with Transformation fails from PUC

    I have a JOB which contains a transformation and I uploaded both to the same directory in PUC browse files. I am using Pentaho 8.2. Whenever I am trying to run my JOB it fails with Transformation not found but it's ...
    Srither Kumarraj
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  • Pentaho Report designer - parameterization on Locale Date format (~environment designtime- Locale)

    Irrespective of locale date format, I need to genereate the report with the date format of the locale which i passed in runtime. Am getting the expected results when I am editing fr in environment-designtime-locale an...
    Kiruthika M
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  • how to factory reset a VSP 350 Storage system

    Hi can anyone share how to factory reset a VSP 350 Storage system.   Thanks in advance
    Gary Maravilla
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  • How configure Pentaho 8.0 with saml autentication in keycloak?

    I people,   I follow this instructions https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.0/Setup/Administration/User_Security/Implement_Advanced_Security/Set_Up_SAML_for_the_Pentaho_Server, with this resources and docume...
    elsa santos
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  • A Problem About Left Join In Spoon

    Hello, My english is not good,i'll try my best to describe this question. I am working on a report,when use sql with left join in "table input" component. The result of this sql should be but when i run this ...
    xiongsan feng
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  • How to connect Pentaho Server based Firebird?

    Error in connection Pentaho Server x Firebird !!!   I'm not able to create a Pentaho Server connection with my Firebird base, would anyone have any suggestions? I've tried connecting via Generic Database opt...
    Sylvio Sena
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  • Bundling/Using Community Edition in a commercial product

    Hello I apologize if this is not the correct place to ask this, also i cursorily did a search for my question but found no results.   We are evaluating several BI and dashboard solutions and want to know what i...
    Abdul Aziz Ali
    created by Abdul Aziz Ali
  • Hitach Storage Navigator : WRONG VOLUME USAGE

    Hi , i am having a strange problem. I have mapped a LUN from Hitach Storage system of about 1TB as a Clustered Disk to our DB Servers. The problem is : if I see the % of disc usage from the 'Hitachi Storage Navigator...
    created by SURFRAZ NAWAZ
  • Is there a way to get long-term data from HDCA?

    I would very much like to be able to look at the capacity utilization trend (for example) on my arrays for more than 7 days at a time.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to see the trend line for the past year, but ev...
    Bill Ehrman
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  • Saiku 3.9 CE does not show subfolders in Pentaho 8.0

    Hello, I have Saiku plugin (3.90 CE) installed on Pentaho 8.0. When I try to save a query or open a query I can only see home folder and public folder but I can't see subfolders. Anyone else facing this issue ? How ...
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  • Installation of HDLM failed

    Hi there,   I wish to get some advise while upgrading HDLM from 6.4.0 to 8.6.2. I'm having the following error message: KAPL09616-E An attempt to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package (x86) ...
    Frederic COINTIN
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  • Throwing Customized Error code to Java from pentaho Kettle

    0down votefavorite   Is it possible to throw some customized error code to java from kettle. Design: KJB is invoking from java appliaction. with the help of the below code we are deciding the job got success o r...
    Kiruthika M
    created by Kiruthika M
  • Interface Wireless Pressure Sensor using Lumada Platform

    Hi, We are working with an industrial pressure monitoring system which is using Low PAN technology to create the wireless mesh network using a wireless pressure sensor - https://store.ncd.io/product/long-range-iot-wir...
    Barry Gerrad
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  • What is MAX_CU_VALUE in storage ?

    what is mean by MAX_CU_VALUE?
    Sandeep Rakshe
    created by Sandeep Rakshe
  • what is the alternate for itext.jar  which is rejected by IP SAFE process TEAM

    we are using Pentaho report Designer  Community edition to develop reports . which is using itext.jar .
  • Help on installing Pentaho CE 7.1 on linux

    Hi, I want to install pentaho on my linux production env. I tried to find manual installation steps for the version  mentioned and found below link : Prepare Your Linux Environment for a Manual Installation - P...
    Manthan Patel
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  • Are there Virtual Storage Appliances (OVA/OVF)??

    I am looking to deploy virtual arrays into a lab that can be used for staff training and also used to develop automation against.
    Michael Edmondson
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