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On Hitachi Compute Blade CB500, we are trying to coinfigure LPAR with Migration WWPN. But it is not getting visible to to the SAN switch. So can't do zoning.  How to publish them. Anyone has faced such issue.  Please advise. Thanks  
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Wesley Wesley
Hi all,   I just setup lpar environment in hitachi cb2500. I created lpar, and assign it virtual wwn (let's say wwn for lpar xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:70:02) while I tried to zoning on fabric switch, I didn't see lpar wwn on fabric, but I saw a new wwn which is different with lpar wwn ( xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:70:00). Even, I've checked on list wwn on… (Show more)
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Roguen Keller
Hi, we are trying to download the Hitachi storage plugin for Oracle OVM. We know that the package should be called "osc-hitachi-storage-<version>.x86_64.rpm" but, we cannot find a download link anywhere (either at Hitachi or Oracle). Can anybody help? Thanks!
Monique Lucey
Click to view contentLegacy data center infrastructure hampers IT from getting the maximum strategic value from data.  Pressure is escalating to convert vast quantities of operational and customer data into actionable insights. IT is no longer just a service provider but is now a strategic advisor to the business.   Innovation and data are the new business currency.… (Show more)
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kevin b zhou
I'm using xml plugin, export db data into xml file. and impot the xml file data at another machine. the kettle trans work well with spoon. but not with java api(core、engine jar, using trans.execute to invoke), all the xml encoded data can't been decoded?  why?
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Jill Ross
Use Hitachi Virtual Rack Configurator to build and visualize your solutions and delivering quick links to data sheets and stats. Click below to access the virtual rack on your device:   Web Browser:   Apple iTunes:   Google… (Show more)
YoungChul Hyun
Hi All   Is there somewhere visio stencils for the UCP Series ?   Thank you Hyun
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Dheerendra Chouhan
Hi,   After rebooting the VSP G1000 management PC.  SVP login is not coming by RDP.  There are two user (administrator and bakedusr) is displaying.   Please suggest what we need to do ?       Regards Dheerendra
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