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Incubation of Convergence and Reflection FY'14

Blog Post created by Gana Chandrasekaran Employee on Apr 1, 2014

Incubation of Convergence


As the data center grows in rapid phase, complexity s increasing double. The operation costs increasing and maintaining service level agreement is daunting tasks. The birth of Convergence in the data center reduces operational costs and increases the efficiency.  Converged appliance provides confidence that customer could host their server, storage network with pre-tested and pre-configured stack together. The benefits are delivering from core integrations, and that reduces software bugs, reduces so many engineers trying to work on known issues that can be easily sorted out before production, based upon predictions from the stack with respect of scalability and performance.


Reflection of Converged Appliance Adaption – Reduction of x86 Servers Revenue


How many of us believed the data center convergence approach will improve efficiency in spending practices five years before. I certainly believed but not sure how benefits are going to be measured.  In 2014, The true reflection of convergence started happening, and seeing results that really benefiting customers. The recent data from IDC showcases customers are moving to consolidation, virtualizion , migration initiatives, and focusing on reducing the data center operational costs. The results are reduction of server counts, Worldwide Server Market Revenues Decline -6.2% in Second Quarter as Market Demand Remains Weak. Server unit shipments decreased -1.2% year over year in 2Q13 to 2.0 million units (IDC, 2013). The key important point is customers buying patterns of UNIX server significantly reduced , a revenue decline of -21.0% year over year. This was the lowest revenue obtained by UNIX Servers.


Observance of Market: 2014 Servers Reduction Because of growing Consolidation, Virtualization Strategy




Convergence- Foundation for Private Cloud Adaption


                As demand for shared infrastructure is growing , our vision is to provision one platform for all data rapidly. Customers are looking ways to implement converged appliance as it is the base for private cloud delivery.  The importance of deploying private cloud deployments using convergence is to support business model and increase the operational agility.


Hitachi Data Systems provides baseline for customers on convergence and giving right approach to move into private cloud journey. Our convergence bringing substantiated business benefits and that helps customers progressively moving their infrastructure to the cloud delivery model to promote the efficiency.


It offers an integrated management interface to provision, monitor, inventory, and troubleshoot applications delivery that aid to provide higher service level of agreements.     





1) Convergence appliance built for providing high availability, and in turns provides applications up-time

2) HDS Convergence appliance can migrate non virtualized applications non disruptively from end to end stack with our bare metal hyper visor. This does not require any software hypervirsors

3) Significantly improves service level agreement, and reduces service degradations

4) We provide local control over the applications consumptions. We do it by creating pool, manage, and allocation of resources from compute, storage, network for setting baseline for agile Infrastructure as service mode

           5) Support reduced risk, rapid deployment, and low cost of ownership methods

              6) Application centric which means multiple applications can share the same convergence platform


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