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IT Infrastructure Nirvana – It’s Closer Than You Think

Blog Post created by Monique Lucey Employee on Jun 5, 2018

Queue the choirs of angels, trumpets and harps. Enter Gods and Goddesses on puffy white clouds eating ambrosia and sipping nectar. Ok, maybe not pure bliss, but with UCP Advisor management and orchestration software you get pretty darn close.


Digital transformation changes everything. We are becoming more interconnected and generating more data than ever before. This opens us up to more data opportunities. Companies are working to enhance the customer experience, reduce cost, improve efficiencies, and deliver the service levels demanded in today’s competitive landscape. And the world is rapidly evolving. Through IoT we are becoming more and more interconnected and more and more things, eventually everything, will be generating data. And this opens up tremendous opportunities because it’s that very data that businesses require to power their digital transformation initiatives. But as with all great opportunities, there also comes great challenges.


For customers to embrace data center modernization, a different approach is needed. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Advisor (UCP Advisor), management and orchestration software, lets IT staff move applications andworkloads between clouds, UCP systems and solutions. It is the foundation for Hitachi suite of Intelligent Operations software, unlocking the power to govern, analyze and mobilize data. Here’s how UCP Advisor is helping:


Address evolving business needs with shortened release cycles

Companies want the ability to manage hardware and software resources in an abstracted, end-to-end manner and not have to depend on individual infrastructure specialists for each resource in the hardware stack. The converged hardware stack which includes compute, network and storage has traditionally been managed in silos requiring individual infrastructure specialists to manage them, which drives up operating expenses. Companies desire the ability to discover and pool resources and then represent them visually in an easy to consume model.

UCP Advisor provides deep integration into the VMware ecosystem for intuitive automation and operations which dramatically reduces the learning curve. This drives faster innovation and improved business outcomes.Picture1.png

Move apps and workloads in a smart and automated way to meet service levels (SLAs)

Until recently, UCP systems have been managed in silos, meaning one vCenter pod per management software instance causing increased complexity, cost and inefficiencies. Companies are looking for the ability to consolidate their UCP systems and infrastructure management into a single federated management instance for local and remote management. They want federated management to support a single resource pool enabling them to move applications and workloads between clouds, UCP systems and virtual machines in a smart and automated way. UCP Advisor lets individual infrastructure resources to be redeployed to more strategic initiatives by reducing complexity through via a consumable IT model.



Reduce manual tasks and minimize risk

The industry is shifting toward a consumer-based model that pools infrastructure resources enabling them to be provisioned via a set of simplified provisioning workflows delivering true Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Companies are looking to leverage best practices to minimize risk associated with manual tasks. They require end-to-end provisioning services through templates and workflows that can accelerate innovation while reducing risk.


With the latest release of UCP Advisor 2.x, Hitachi takes automation to the next level by providing Day 0 deployment, policy-based provisioning and support for the latest VSP storage arrays.

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