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IT Automation: The Tectonic Shift Continues

Blog Post created by Monique Lucey Employee on Oct 29, 2018

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Last summer my son landed a summer job as a teller at a small local bank. As you might guess, it’s not millennials who frequent bank branches, but elderly and small business owners who prefer the in-person banking experience over online banking. There are myriad reasons why this is the case but that’s a topic for another blog.


But it got me thinking about how automation has revolutionized the way consumers have been doing banking over the past two decades and how the enormous time savings represents a tectonic shift in banking.


Take ATM machines. Prior to ATMs, all banking was done in a bank, during business hours, with a teller. ATM machines took banking beyond traditional banking hours, to any day or time from the comfort of your car or on foot, without human interaction.


Then there’s online banking. I can recall countless hours spent paying bills, writing checks, addressing envelopes, buying stamps to mail the bills – hoping all the while that my payments arrived on time. Online banking has obviated the need for numerous, error prone, manual steps and countless hours spent managing household finances. And mobile banking has taken us even further without even leaving the comfort of our living rooms.


Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Advisor (UCP Advisor) software is doing for IT administrators what automation has done for the banking industry. UCP Advisor simplifies infrastructure operations while enabling faster deployment with less risk and fewer resources. It delivers automated management and orchestration for Unified Compute Platform converged (UCP CI), hyperconverged (UCP HC) and rack scale (UCP RS) systems supporting virtual and bare metal environments.


With deployment manager functionality, UCP Advisor automates 600+ Day-0 tasks, reducing deployment times for UCP hyperconverged systems from multiple days to as little as a few hours.


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Simply initialize, auto discover, set up and configure and you are ready.

With UCP Advisor you can:

  • Rapidly deploy Hitachi UCP HC solution for VMware in production environment
  • Achieve a simple and easy user experience with guided user interface (HTML5 based)
  • Rule based validation of supported firmware and best practice compliance
  • Tailor the vCenter Host and vSAN cluster (3 or more nodes)
  • Eliminate complex steps to deploy UCP HC for VMWare
  • Autodiscover available UCP HC nodes in customer environments
  • Generate deployment reports for audit purposes


At face value, the IT transformation driven by automation may not seem as great a tectonic shift as evidenced in the banking industry. But the enormous time savings gained through automation presents IT staff with new opportunities to provide strategic value to the business and that is driving unprecedented digital transformation.


For more on UCP Advisor, check out the latest deployment manager demo in booth P311 at VMworld Barcelona for a full product demonstration.