• Driver and Firmware upgrade on Blade and CR server

    Hi Team,   Can anyone let me know the driver and firmware upgrade procedure for the blade server,  is there any exe file which can run from the server and get updated all the latest drivers and firmware. &#...
    Ajeesh Mathottam
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  • Does LPAR support for OVF/OVA import?

    Does LPAR currently support for OVF/OVA import? or any roadmaps perhaps?
    Wildan Abdat
    created by Wildan Abdat
  • Lpar virtual wwn in hitachi cb2500

    Hi all,   I just setup lpar environment in hitachi cb2500. I created lpar, and assign it virtual wwn (let's say wwn for lpar xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:70:02) while I tried to zoning on fabric switch, I didn't see lpar...
    Wesley Wesley
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  • change or delete ceconsl for individual blades in CB2500

    Is it possible to change the default password for ceconsl on individual blade servers in CB2500? The ceconsl user's password was changed for the chassis but this still doesn't change it for the individual blade server...
    Alex Bouttelgier
    created by Alex Bouttelgier
  • login fails to a remote desktop from blade 2500

    When trying to perform a remote connect from the hitachi compute blade 2500 I go to BMC, click on the lower right corner to start a remote connection, the java loads and executes but in the last moment it says login f...
    Alex Bouttelgier
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  • n+m standby for disaster recovery

    Hi All ,   I have an environment which has 2 datcentres , each datacentre with multiple HDS-CB500 chassis  with LPARs hosting windows and LINUX workload. All these hosts are boot from SAN. SAN Replication i...
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  • Reseting SVP on old BladeSymphony 1000

    My old BladeSymphony 1000 doesn't have any users configured on the SVP.  I must have deleted them all preparing to decommission it.  I can get into SVP without authentication, but only get Operator level pri...
    Jiann-Ming Su
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  • Trying to install windows 2008 in a CB500 Lpar.

    Im trying to install windows in a CB500 Lpar. I can boot, see the disks after loading the drivers (they are on a VSP), but cant install windows. Getting error 0x80300001. What should I do?     Many thanks!!
    Vinicius Coelho
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  • CB2500 Failed Instalation

    Hi All i have CB520X1 it's not use smp and also i want to install operating system into Internal Disk but there is some problem when i finnish instalation, it show like the picture below     is that any...
    Audhie Ardhana
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  • Hitachi Compute Blade - Logical Partitioning Capabilities

    In this Product Overview you'll learn about the Logical Partitioning Capabilities on Hitachi Compute Blade. Depending on your requirements, you can choose dedicated or shared mode in multitenant environments to meet y...
    Brett Cavanagh
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  • LAN Switch on CB2000

    Hi all,   How am i gonna access the CLI on our CB2000 Blade chassis? Also, is this a Hitachi switch?   Thanks,   Arnold
    Arnold Decal
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  • Mapping Diagram between Server Blade's Mezzaine and IOBD ports from CB2500 Chassis

    Hi Practitioners,   There are 28 PCIe slots for Hitachi Five Fx 16Gbps IO cards and 10GbE Network IO cards on the Rear Side of CB2500 Chassis. In case of 2 x 3TB Scale out SAP HANA Nodes, the chasis have the fo...
    Hyunchol Hwang
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  • Why only 14 CB520H Blade Server can be Installed on the CB2500?

    Q1. Why only 14 CB520H Blade Server can be Installed on the CB2500?        Can be used the last Blade slot 15 as a member of 4-Blade SMP configuration of Secondary Node?   Q2. Ever...
    Hyunchol Hwang
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  • Linux Drive For Hitachi HBA

    Hi guys i try to install the Red Hat Linux Enterprise 6.0 use san boot ? but i have problem when i try to boot the driver.   is there any body have support matrix or information for this driver compability plea...
    Audhie Ardhana
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  • How to enable logical link by using Emulex multichannel configuration

    Hi Team, We have one CB 500 with few 520HB2 blades, one of the blade we are trying to do multichannel configuration, by using Emulex PXE Utility ( in the POST screen Ctr+P option ) and  logical link status showi...
    Ajeesh Mathottam
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  • virtual switch on HVM

    Hi Guys i have been try HVM, but i'm not seeing in document how to create virtual switch in HVM environment? in every virtualization we all know like in vmware or hyper we can create virtual switch. but how i can co...
    Audhie Ardhana
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  • Register Blade Host name and OS with CB500 management

    I see in the chassis management console where it would show a blade server's Host name and OS.  On my system, those fields are blank and there does not seem to be a way to manually enter them.   What is req...
    Andrew Hall
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  • CB520HB2 : Replace LOM with a 4-ports CNA

    Hello,   I have received a new 4-port CNA card for my hypervisor. I have currently a 2-ports LOM and a 2-ports FC card.   When I remove the LOM and replace it with the 4-port CNA card, the blade is unable ...
    Team Infrastructure
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  • How to upgrade the HITACHI 8Gb HBA firmware in windows 2012 R2

    Hi,   I have few 540A blades which is running with windows 2012 R2,  I have installed HITACHI 8Gb HBA card in the server and  I wanted to upgrade the firmware for HBA, can anyone let me know how to upg...
    Abdul Azeez
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  • N+M cold standby

    Hi guys is there anyone, try to implement N+M cold standby ? because i have a problem when i try to running N+M it failed but when i'm running manual pair it's running. is there any something requirement to test N+M ...
    Audhie Ardhana
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