• UCP HC V120F(D52B-1U ) Environmental Information

    Hi there,   I want to get the environmental information; Power consumption and heat output(BTU) of UCP HC V120F(D52B-1U). There is no information even QCT homepage. Is there anybody can help me?
    Seung Woo Cho
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  • Does LPAR support for OVF/OVA import?

    Does LPAR currently support for OVF/OVA import? or any roadmaps perhaps?
    Wildan Abdat
    created by Wildan Abdat
  • Adventures in Time and Space

    Have you noticed? Things are getting smaller (… except phone screens!) and faster (…except the traffic here in Silicon Valley!).   Galaxy NGC6946 (Hubble Space Telescope) - far away in space, and ti...
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross
  • G.O.T. Automated Management And Orchestration?

    Winter is here. For you G.O.T. fans, you know what I’m talking about. With all the buzz around the season finale of Game of Thrones and now the dreaded “show hole”, I have plenty of free time to cont...
    Monique Lucey
    created by Monique Lucey
  • CR220H detailed hardware specifications

    Where can I find detailed description of the PCIe bus specs and layouts of the CR220H server chassis? I need to make sure that I balance LAN and SAN traffic across the PCIe slots. I've found the datasheet an dbasic ...
    created by b399s2ui
  • Sneak Peek - Big Announcements at Hitachi NEXT

    Before you head to Vegas for Hitachi NEXT, for what promises to the premier event for the digital revolution, this is a sneak peek of some of the game changers coming in  converged infrastructure.   For you...
    Monique Lucey
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  • Integrated Software-Defined Data Center with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS

    Introduction Industry infrastructure deployment is transforming. This transformation is being driven by the need for IT to focus limited economic and human capital resources on leading business innovation, resulting i...
    Hossein Heidarian
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  • UCP 6000 and SQL

    I've looked for a performance sheet for the UCP and Microsoft SQL but haven't been able to locate one. Does anyone know where I can find one or if it exist? I can't find Oracle all day long so I'm hopping there's one ...
    Eric Hale
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  • Lpar virtual wwn in hitachi cb2500

    Hi all,   I just setup lpar environment in hitachi cb2500. I created lpar, and assign it virtual wwn (let's say wwn for lpar xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:70:02) while I tried to zoning on fabric switch, I didn't see lpar...
    Wesley Wesley
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  • UCP 4.1.x - How to Create and Deploy an ESXi Cluster Service Template

    Here is a link to some videos I made about UCP 4.1.x and the Cluster Service Templates. https://gssdojo.wistia.com/projects/uau1dmtsrf   The videos were generated on a simulated UCP in the Global Demo and Learn...
    Nichole Schmitt
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  • Load CB2500 firmware

    Hi all,   can you help me what should I prepare before I assign firmware to LPAR? I just assign firmware to LPAR, and I have wait too long before I got error firmware can't load   thanks
    Wesley Wesley
    created by Wesley Wesley
  • Firmware AMS 2100

    Hi all, where can I find the list of available firmware?   Thanks.
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  • change or delete ceconsl for individual blades in CB2500

    Is it possible to change the default password for ceconsl on individual blade servers in CB2500? The ceconsl user's password was changed for the chassis but this still doesn't change it for the individual blade server...
    Alex Bouttelgier
    created by Alex Bouttelgier
  • login fails to a remote desktop from blade 2500

    When trying to perform a remote connect from the hitachi compute blade 2500 I go to BMC, click on the lower right corner to start a remote connection, the java loads and executes but in the last moment it says login f...
    Alex Bouttelgier
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  • Scalr Integration

    is Scalr ( Cloud Management) integration is possible with HDS UCP? If yes, share the way to do.
    Ramkumar Muthaiyan
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  • CB 500 LPAR SMP

    HI   In case two blades configured with smp with four cpu in total .. how many lpars can be created on top of that big logical server ?   Thanks
    Thamer Salah
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    Hi Guys,   This forum was very informative and help me a lot on my questions and requests.   Btw, do we have a documentation of LPAR license installation onf CB2000? The CB2000 was delivered without LPAR l...
    Arnold Decal
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  • n+m standby for disaster recovery

    Hi All ,   I have an environment which has 2 datcentres , each datacentre with multiple HDS-CB500 chassis  with LPARs hosting windows and LINUX workload. All these hosts are boot from SAN. SAN Replication i...
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  • Reseting SVP on old BladeSymphony 1000

    My old BladeSymphony 1000 doesn't have any users configured on the SVP.  I must have deleted them all preparing to decommission it.  I can get into SVP without authentication, but only get Operator level pri...
    Jiann-Ming Su
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  • UCP 4.1.x - How to update ESXi image with new VIBs

    A few people lately have asked: "What happened to the Add Packages button?"  Can we no longer update ESXi images with new VIBs?   Answer: Yes, you can still Add Packages through the UI even though the butto...
    Nichole Schmitt
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