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Bill Ehrman
I am using HDID to create crash-consistent snapshots on a G370 with Thin Image.  I want to mount those snaps back onto development hosts for testing, but for reasons I can't use any of the host or application agents.  When I try to mount those snaps, however, I can choose only one host group.  If I understand correctly, then, that means that my… (Show more)
in Data Protection
Click to view contentI replicated the Storage Pool (SP01) in HNAS using HUR on VSP Gx00 and "sd-mirror-remotely" on HNAS(NAS Module) between Site1 and Site2 In addition to this, I would like to create a Storage Pool (SP02) from Site1, then configure it to Site3 using HUR and "sd-mirror-remotely". Is this possible?
in Data Protection
Zhao Guogang
we are proposing VMware protection solutions with HDID, and need some technical details materials on application awareness features for VMware. thanks..
in Data Protection
Volker b Haeussermann
We have to change an ssl certificate for the HCP. What do we have to consider with the connected HDIs in this domain?
in Data Protection
John Anderson
What is the correct method to recover an HDID defined HUR Replication that as gone into PSUE status. I would like to know how to handle this within HDID.  Current I am using HSN to issue Pair-Sync on the "broken" replications.  Is there a better way?
in Data Protection