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Glomer Torino
Hi,   I would like to ask for assistance on how to get the Cache Hit Ratio on HDI via CLI. I have been reading almost all the documentations for HDI but no luck.   Cheers,     Glomer Torino
in Data Protection
dhruv kalia
what is hcp how to put data in tenant .why  we need HDI with Hcp can we use HCP standalone ? i used hdi as admin but didnt know much about usage we had hcp at  teh backend for data storage. what are hcp pollices why we use them thanks a lot sincerelyDhruv
in Data Protection
Michael Ratner
Hello,   I'm trying to find information on how the hierarchy of multiple retentions is managed on HCP.   We have an actual stockage system with a certain volume of objects that are in 'different ages' of their retention period and the project to replace the actual stockage system with a HCP and migrate the objects to this HCP.   When I learned… (Show more)
Jill Ross
Enterprises make copies of the critical data sets for assorted reasons, such as: a copy for backup and fast, local recovery; a copy in one or two other locations for business continuity and disaster recovery; copies for the test and development teams; copies for finances and legal; and so on.   If these copies aren’t automated, controlled and… (Show more)
Jill Ross
Hitachi Vantara today released Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) version 6.5. HDID has been helping hundreds of enterprises achieve higher levels of data and application availability by automating and orchestrating modern data protection technologies. As compared to traditional backup and recovery solutions, these ‘recovery copy services’… (Show more)