• HORCM Configuration

    In our environment, Storage admins doesn't have access to HORCM instance installed servers ( roughly around 300 servers). So, each time whenever an update is required in the replication or new replication instance cre...
    saran raj
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  • Difference between HTI and SS

    Hello,   I am new in data protection about Hitachi Storage Systems, and i would like to understand the difference between HTI (Thin Image) and SS (Copy-On-Write Snapshot).   Can you explain me the differen...
    Benjamin b Hornoy
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  • Mounting to more than one host group in HDID?

    I am using HDID to create crash-consistent snapshots on a G370 with Thin Image.  I want to mount those snaps back onto development hosts for testing, but for reasons I can't use any of the host or application age...
    Bill Ehrman
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  • Is it possible to configure two storage pools to different sites by using 'sd-mirror-remotely' command and HUR in HNAS?

    I replicated the Storage Pool (SP01) in HNAS using HUR on VSP Gx00 and "sd-mirror-remotely" on HNAS(NAS Module) between Site1 and Site2 In addition to this, I would like to create a Storage Pool (SP02) from Site1, the...
    created by CHANGHYUN KIM
  • hi, does anyone have HDID for VMware protection technical detail materials? especially on application awareness feature? appreciate.

    we are proposing VMware protection solutions with HDID, and need some technical details materials on application awareness features for VMware. thanks..
    Zhao Guogang
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  • HCP changes ssl certificat - Tasks for HDI

    We have to change an ssl certificate for the HCP. What do we have to consider with the connected HDIs in this domain?
  • HDID HUR Recovery Operations

    What is the correct method to recover an HDID defined HUR Replication that as gone into PSUE status. I would like to know how to handle this within HDID.  Current I am using HSN to issue Pair-Sync on the "broken...
    John Anderson
    created by John Anderson
  • HDI Cache Hit Ratio

    Hi,   I would like to ask for assistance on how to get the Cache Hit Ratio on HDI via CLI. I have been reading almost all the documentations for HDI but no luck.   Cheers,     Glomer Torino
    Glomer Torino
    created by Glomer Torino
  • hcp and hdi

    what is hcp how to put data in tenant .why  we need HDI with Hcp can we use HCP standalone ? i used hdi as admin but didnt know much about usage we had hcp at  teh backend for data storage. what are hcp poll...
    dhruv kalia
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  • Get the creation date of LDEV with CCI

    Hi Team,   With CCI is it possible to know the creation date of LDEV ? Thanks for your answer Cheers Didier
    didier bournet
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  • Best practices SGBD/VSP

    Hi All, Do you know if there are a general best practices or tricks regarding SGBD with HDS VSP, like what is typical size of ldev ...  ? I know there are some documentations (Oracle) but the question is more a...
    didier bournet
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    Hi All, I have question from customer, he would like to know the difference between ldev OPEN-V and OPEN-V CVS ! Cause we can see some ldev open-v another open-v cvs. I know that CVS is custom volume size but I wou...
    didier bournet
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  • Change name server Commcell

    Hello everyone, Rename the server where you have installed the CommCell, this need, which should make it all work well. Could be a problem for this change ??? waiting for your valuable comments.
    Javier Donaire
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  • CCI on Linux connect from vsphere

    CCI on Linux... Need to connect to new CCI install on a Linux VM from vSphere. Does horcm require the login to be a root user? Or can it be a userwith sudo privlages?
    David Marsh
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  • Snapshot restore

    Hello! We have GAD and Thin Image copies created on secondary site from S-VOL. For example, main site got some accident. After this accident elimination we want to restore data from secondary site snapshot to the mai...
    Dimitry Erykin
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  • If we have TrueCopy replication in place currently, will HDID snapshots break the existing TrueCopy replication?

    Trying to implement HDID to replace CCI snapshots but we do not want to break TrueCopy replication that is already in place for Disaster Recovery purposes.
    Derek Bose
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  • Archive Filedata with HDIM to HCP

    Hi All   Wie backup our Fileservers with Hitachi Data Instance Manager Version 4.2..2 on to a storage Server. This solution works well.   Now we want arvive the Filedate on an HCP (Hitachi Conten Plattfor...
    Beat Fuss
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  • What's the difference between Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) and Veritas Backup Software

    What's the difference or key differentiator between Hitachi Data Instance Director and Veritas or other backup software. Is there any matrix available online?   Thanks and have a blessed day ahead.
    Jayvee Hagonoy
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  • max number of Ldev per port for G1000/G1500 product

    Hi All Sorry for this question but I can't find it so quickly. What is the max number of Ldev per port for G1000/G1500 product ?   I checked several doc HDS on web but I can't found this information. Thanks i...
    didier bournet
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  • Depletion threshold

    Hi All, I did not found clear answer regarding "DEPLETION" threshold in HSN. What does it mean ?   Thank you for your answers. Cheers Didier
    didier bournet
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