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Day 2 - #OOW16 – More Out of Your Oracle Investments…For Less (or, Oracle Cloud Wars, Episode 2)

Blog Post created by Peter Gerr (Pete) Employee on Sep 21, 2016

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 is abuzz and the past 2 days, but patterns are emerging out of the clouds of Day 1...


The same topics keep coming up talking with the visitors to the Hitachi Data Systems and Hitachi Consulting booths in the Oracle Linux, IoT and Cloud showcases #HitachiOOW:


  1. “Can Hitachi help us Lower our Costs of running Oracle?”
  2. “Does Hitachi have Cloud solutions built for Oracle database and apps?”
  3. “Does Hitachi have Industry, IoT and Analytics solutions related to Oracle?”


I’m grateful my HDS and Hitachi Consulting colleagues and I can easily respond to these:


  1. Yes, can we show you how?
  2. Yes, what Cloud models are you looking at?
  3. Yes, and we’re showcasing several including Smart Energy & Metering, Real-time Inventory & Customer Sentiment,


If you’re not @OracleOpenWorld this year, or can’t stop by the HDS or HCC booths, here’s a bit more on each:


  1. Lower Oracle TCO – Step 1 could be a DIET analysis – try it for free here. This quick read from from Nik Rouda at Enterprise Strategy Group is a great summary - DIET, or the Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool, is an HDS-developed utility we’ve used with over 2,000 companies to quickly identify how much of the infrastructure running their Oracle databases and apps sits idle, under-utilized or wasted.

    Usual outcomes from a DIET workshop: improved utilization, increased performance, and in many cases lower Oracle infrastructure TCO.

  2. Choosing a Cloud?Larry Ellison’s Enemy #1 this year is AWS (with Workday a close #2) – clearly there’s a battle over the Oracle Cloud – but what about the users? Let’s cut through the cloudy rhetoric (see what I did there?) and keep it simple – IT and Business leaders don’t need more “Either / Or” Cloud decisions. Customers are urgently (desperately?) looking for Cloud solutions for their Oracle, DevOps and app environments, and in some cases, moving to alternatives to Oracle completely, (like Open Source) – it's your choice, what fits best?

    Hitachi has proven Cloud-ready solutions and services for Oracle environments and partners with deep expertise in these environments like CSC, CGI and Hitachi Consulting to name three, to implement or manage them – it's your choice, what fits best?

    You want choices, but need guidance, not rhetoric - whether it’s Oracle Database, E-Business Suite or other Enterprise Apps built on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, OpenStack, or another; Private on-prem, managed on-prem, hosted, or a Hybrid model, or Cloud-ready Analytics solutions driven by Pentaho, for example. We can help you choose, we can help you get there, fast.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 11.47.48 AM.png
  3. Help Me Figure Out What’s Next...Then Help Me Get There – IoT, Big Data, Analytics are riding high on the hype cycle, but there is reality behind the buzz (fog?) – customers need to figure out a strategy to create value from their corporate Oracle and App data and to transform their business model. My colleague @HDScorp, Dr. Debi Patnaik wrote a blog on this yesterday. This week I’ve spoken with IT and business users from Transportation, Education, Financial Services and even IT Services companies that are all trying to figure out how to move their organizations forward here. We can help.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 11.48.30 AM.png Guess what? We’re working hard to figure it out too – Hitachi shares these goals because Hitachi develops transportation systems, medical systems, power & energy systems and many other industries AND solutions that maximize data to solve these industry-specific challenges. HDS is in the business of figuring out how to help you leverage all data for positive business outcomes, more value for your company and your customers, and improved social conditions for our global community.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 11.48.40 AM.png

So, please if you can, stop by the Hitachi booths in the Oracle Linux, IoT and Cloud showcases – we promise to keep it simple, show you REAL positive outcomes, and listen to your challenges and help you find the best fit for you.


We might even find a way to save your organization a few bucks or generate more from all that data you have. We promise to keep it simple.


The HDS team is blogging all week from #OOW16 on the HDS Community Oracle site, so please check in with us often and join the conversations.