Dwayne Wong

The True Meaning of a Long-lasting Partnership

Blog Post created by Dwayne Wong Employee on Sep 20, 2016

It probably won’t be the upper-most thought in the minds of most visitors to Oracle Open World today, but a long-time partnership, such as the one Hitachi and Oracle have, signifies that those companies are relevant to each others customers at the points where their interests intersect.


Their alliance, which has lasted for more than 20 years, says to the market that the two companies deeply understand and respect each other - which matters a great deal.

The deeper meaning here is that since the two companies have been allies for so long, customers can assume products from both easily integrate, extend functionality and protect their systems from the dreaded vendor lock-in.



Because, believe it or not, even at this time in the technology industry where one-time ambitious concepts such as Digital Transformation, Cloud Services and the Internet of Things (IoT) now exist there are still companies developing components (hardware and software) with limited capabilities to integrate with anything developed by a different vendor.


For example, there is a well-known company (which will remain unidentified) with an almost entirely custom legacy enterprise system it acquired years ago to serve the organization’s then specialized needs. Expanding or otherwise changing it today to serve the company’s expanding workloads is an arduous undertaking. Of course, nothing in the system integrates with ease. This rigid system limits the company’s operations.


The one-of-a-kind system cannot scale to meet the company where it is at now and most of the employees who knew how to make it work are long gone due to retirement, layoffs or opting for more modern pastures. The prohibitive costs and logistical challenges (i.e. migration, training, deployment, etc.…) for replacing its legacy system with something present-day forces the current leadership to make only piecemeal changes to resolve its system-related issues.

The company’s leaders would love to go back in time and tell their predecessors the value of an open architecture just before they acquired a custom system that now serves almost no one. So technology with deep integration a strong partnership between corporate leaders can produce is more than a nice-to-have, though some may not view it that way.

Though Hitachi and Oracles have many partners, a number of whom who have been in the fold for years, perhaps the partnership level each company achieved with the other entity makes the bond more than just a webpage listing.


Hitachi is one of 11 Diamond-level members of the Oracle PartnersNetwork (OPN) worldwide. The company achieved the highest level of partnership with Oracle by satisfying rigorous business and technical criteria. Similarly, Oracle is one of a handful of global Alliance Partners Hitachi has that it collaborates with on the development of innovative technology. This collaboration drives innovation and the bottom line for both companies.


Yet, the greatest example of a strong partnership is the fruit it produces. If you are physically or virtually attending Oracle OpenWorld at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA today, evidence of such a partnership will be readily accessible.


Whether you’re interested in analytics, digital transformation, the cloud (for Oracle Linux or Oracle databases , for example) or innovations from the many other areas the Hitachi/Oracle partnership serves, you’ll see firsthand today how a 20+ year alliance put both companies on the leading-edge with a clear view of tomorrow.