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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform 6000 for Oracle Real Application Clusters using Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G600 with Intel Xeon 2699v4 Processors

Blog Post created by Libo Jiang Employee on Apr 11, 2017


The UCP 6000 for Oracle RAC with Broadwell processor solutions showcases the newest generation of Intel CPUs and the latest released version of Hitachi Accelerated Flash modules “DC2” as well as larger HDD drives. This solution aims to meet customer expectations and keep up with the latest introductions of Oracle (e.g. Exadata X6-2) and other competitors who will introduce the next generation of their solutions using the latest CPU architecture from Intel. This project focuses on the refresh of UCP 6000 for Oracle RAC overall solutions.



The solutions is to be built to provide the best price/performance for Oracle solutions, including CPU, RAM, Flash storage, and HDD.




The reference architecture covers a quarter-rack environment for Hitachi Unified Compute Platform 6000 for Oracle RAC. Below are the high-level concerpts covered in the white paper:

  • Solution components
  • Solution design
  • Storage architecture
  • Network architecture


Storage Architecture





For more information, take a look at the full Reference Architecture document at