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A very high performance and low TCO Oracle Solution from Hitachi Vantara

Blog Post created by Libo Jiang Employee on Sep 13, 2017

     A single Oracle 12c RAC database running on two small blades servers can perform more than 2 million IOPS at 1ms or lower latency. This is a great news to many enterprise customers - not only to support their heavy day-to-day database workloads, but also to handle large monthly or quarterly batch jobs. Many mission critical databases often get workload spikes once or a few times a year, i.e. during holiday shopping seasons for online retailers.  Spare performance capability of IT infrastructure becomes a huge burden. With this Hitachi UCP 6000 for Oracle solution, customers do not need to spend extra for standby infrastructure.


    This solution uses two Hitachi CB2500 520H B4 half width blades, two PCIe expansion blades for extra HBAs, two Brocade G620 switches, a single controller G1500 with 34x 7TB high density FMDs. A total 88 physical CPU cores are used on the blade servers.


For comparison the Cisco/Pure FlashStack 8-node Oracle RAC solution uses 8 Cisco UCS B-series B200 M4 blades servers and a total of 224 physical CPU cores.


    Based on the Oracle Technology Global Price List released on June 1, 2017, the Hitachi solution can save more than 9.5 millions US dollars Oracle licensing cost on "Enterprise Edition" and "Real Application Cluster" option over Cisco/Pure solution!!


    The Hitachi solution can also perform 4x or higher IOPS with 1ms or lower latency-





    For the Hitachi solution, there is room to grow as the size of the G1500 used is about 25% of the maximum VSP G1500 configuration.A CB2500 blade server chassis can have up to eight 520H B4 blades with 8 PCIe expansion blades.



Slob performance results from Cisco/Pure Solution -

Cisco/Pure 8-node Oracle RAC solution can only scale up to 64 SLOB users, beyond that latency increases quickly.





   For more information, please visit the RA Hitachi UCP 6000 for Oracle RAC using VSP G1500, HAF, and Hitachi CB2500 520H B4 blades.