Libo Jiang

For Mission Critical Oracle Database, Oracle "Engineered System" or Conventional Solution?

Blog Post created by Libo Jiang Employee on Sep 19, 2017

    A large bank customer was looking for high performance Oracle database solutions to upgrade their current production environments in multiple locations. They had tested Oracle "Engineered System" Exadata, and inquired a high end storage vendor for array performance, and then came to us for a PoC in early July this year. We proved to the customer that a small system configuration of G1500 with 32 x 7TB high-density Flash Module Drives, and two small half width CB2500 520H B4 blades and two PCIe expansion blades can far exceed their performance criteria and meet the budget requirement.

    By comparing results, according to the customer, the large single instance Oracle database running on our PoC environment outperformed the Oracle Exadata system by 41% with OLAP workloads.

    For OLTP workloads, the Hitachi solution achieved significant better results than  Oracle Exadata X6-2's.


     Peakmarks results for Oracle Exadata X6-2 can be found here.


    We got a feedback from a vendor of commercial performance benchmarking product when we're preparing and testing Oracle solution with the small VSP G1500 - "If you really loaded 2 x 8 TByte in less than 90 minutes, you are using an extreme fast system. I have never seen such a load rate before!"The vendor started to believe the fact when we shared event logs and performance test results. That benchmarking product is being used by many enterprise storage, server, or solution appliance vendors around the globe including Oracle Corporation. Hitachi VSP G1500 All Flash configuration is the true performance king of All Flash Arrays (AFA)!!!


    Unlike an "Engineered System", VSP G1500 used in the Hitachi solution has many proven array based software features for mission critical database applications,  i.e. 3-DC Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. 3-DC with GAD (Global-Active Device) is a great fit for Oracle RAC on extended distance cluster deployment.


  To design a high performance Oracle solution under budget for mission critical application has never been easier than before if you choose Hitachi VSP G1500 All Flash configurations. For more information for Hitachi UCP for Oracle RAC with G1500 and two half width blades, please visit blog post and reference architecture.

      You can also visit blog post for more details of the PoC and tech note if you are on Hitachi Corp network.