Darius Zanganeh

The Business Benefit of Running Oracle DB Inside OVM

Blog Post created by Darius Zanganeh Employee on Jul 13, 2018

One of the biggest pain points for Oracle DB customers is the licensing cost.  This is exasperated with todays high core count CPUs and virtualization on VMware.  Running an Oracle DB on VMware or any software based hypervisor is really a double edged sword.

  1. Oracle official support for the DB running in these environments is foggy and best effort, They reserve the right to tell you to put the DB on bare metal.
  2. Oracle will force the customer to license every core in the ESX/hyperV/acropolis/kvm/ cluster no matter how few virtual CPUs are assigned to the DB VM


What is not widely known and certainly not publicized by Oracle is that there is a legal Oracle way to virtualize your Oracle DB’s and utilize only the cores needed and even create a capacity on demand platform.  This is done via Oracle VM x86 Hard Partitioning Feature. OVM is license free and only needs a very modest oracle support contract which is priced the same as Oracle Linux.


Good info on the subject is available here.