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Hitachi Solution for Databases, with XaaS cloud foundation for Oracle Database based on Hitachi VSP G900 features validated configurations for Oracle VM 3.4.5

Blog Post created by Jigisha Pathak Employee on Sep 7, 2018

Hitachi Solution for Databases, with XaaS cloud foundation for Oracle Database, powered by Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Validated Configurations provide and application-ready, high performance and resilient cloud platform for easier, faster, and lower-cost deployment of Oracle Database and applications in your enterprise.


Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Validated Configuration program offers pre-tested, validated configurations—including software, hardware, storage, and network components—along with documented deployment guides. Hardware Solution vendors participating in this program perform thorough testing of the hardware in real-world configurations with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. The result: Improved performance and reliability of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM solutions, with faster, lower-cost implementations.


Validated configuration is tested on Hitachi Solution for Databases - Oracle XaaS Cloud Foundation based on Hitachi Advanced Server DS220 and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G900. For more information see Reference Architecture white  paper https://knowledge.hitachivantara.com/Documents/Application_Optimized_Solutions/Oracle/Solution_for_Databases_using_Oracle_Cloud_for_a_XaaS_Foundation_Reference_Architecture_Guide


The high-level storage configuration diagram for this solution is shown here:





Hitachi’s Oracle VM Validated configuration direct link: https://linux.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=102:2:::NO::P2_VC_ID,P2_VERSION:705,1.0


For more details on Oracle’s Validated configurations program: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/linux/validated-configurations-085828.html