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Hitachi Solution for Databases - Ensuring Data Security for Oracle Databases - "Oracle Real Application Clusters Database 12c based on Hitachi Advanced Server DS240 and Virtual Storage Platform G1500 with FMD HDE Drives"

Blog Post created by Libo Jiang Employee on Dec 19, 2018


Data security is one of the top priorities of enterprise customers. Encrypting data through the use of options such as Oracle TDE, is often a costly process. In this blog, I will discuss how we can protect customer's IT infrastructure investment by improving performance while maintaining data security

Hitachi Solution for Databases provides a high performance, integrated, converged solution for Oracle using flash module drives (FMD-HDE) with self-encryption and self-compression on an enterprise class storage array. The architecture leverages the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1500 (VSP G1500), Hitachi Advanced Server DS240 with Intel Xeon Gold 6128 processors, and Hitachi Advanced Server DS120 servers with Intel Xeon Silver 4110 processors for a high performing, scalable, and secure deployment of Oracle RAC. With these products you can design an Oracle converged infrastructure to meet your performance and security requirements while keeping your budget needs on check by reducing compute-based licensing costs.

This Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Converged Infrastructure (UCP CI) architecture for Oracle Database is engineered, pre-tested, and qualified to provide predictable performance and the highest reliability in demanding, dynamic Oracle environments. This solution is validated to ensure consistent, predictable results.

This proven solution to optimize your Oracle database environment integrates servers, storage systems, and networks. The environment provides reliability, high availability, scalability, and performance while processing small-scale to large-scale on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads. The dedicated servers run Oracle Database 12c R2 with the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) option and use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 for the operating system.



This solution implements Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI for Oracle Real Application Clusters on two nodes using Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1500. The environment addresses the high availability, performance, and scalability requirements for OLTP and OLAP workloads. You can also tailor your implementation of this solution to meet your specific needs.

The highlight of this offering is the use of FMD-HDE drives that leverage's its "compression-before-encryption" mechanism to resolve a common low data compression ratio issue and performance degradation that is observed in solutions with application level encryption and all-flash array (AFA) controller-based compression. All without compromising your performance or security!


Storage Architecture

Below is the storage architecture used for the testing.


Benefits Shown by Test Results

The table below highlights the test results achieved during our lab testing. It clearly shows the benefits of using Hitachi FMD HDEs in the Oracle environment.

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