• PDI Spoon 3.2.0 & Oracle 12.2

    We are running PDI Spoon version 3.2.0, and are looking to move to Oracle 12.2. Has anyone else had success with that combination?   * I understand we are WAYYY behind but but it is what it is, for now.
    Keith Reischl
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  • Login Issue

    Hi, this is Liana, i am facing a small problem in login i.e,.. After  installation of APEX 5.1 on oracle 12c windows 64 bit and i'm using google chrome web browser, i entered my login credentials in login page af...
    Liana Melissa
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  • How can I connect to Primavera P6 and JIRA and extract data?

    Hello,   I need to achieve the following: 1. Connect Pentaho Data Integration to our Primavera P6 system (Oracle backend) and extract data 2. Connect to our JIRA system (Oracle backend) and extract data 3. Tr...
    M. R.
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  • HCP with Oracle Diva

    HCP and Oracle Diva   Is there any customer use case studies or compatibility information on using HCP with Oracle Diva?
    Michael Reiber
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  • Does our Pentaho solution have the decryption algorithms necessary to decrypt Oracle’s internal representation in HFM?

    Does our Pentaho solution have the decryption algorithms necessary to decrypt Oracle’s internal representation in HFM?
    Schultz Iris
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  • Failed to resolve any application paths of Oracle instance

    Hello Sir/Madam We have started to use HDID,v 5.3.1 And when I try back up Oracle instance as Snap I got following error message:      "Failed to resolve any application paths, verify classifica...
    Mark Berson
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  • Did somebody say roadtrip?  The Hitachi RV journey to Oracle World!

    The #HitachiRV is en route from indiana to #SanFrancisco.  Make sure to follow www.twitter.com/HitachiOracle for road trip updates!     Sneak peek at the Hitachi RV on the road to #OracleWorld  ...
    Lauren Klein
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  • oracle hot backup with shadow image

    We quite often use the following simple process to clone a database start the shadow image copy (whole server) when the shadow image reaches pair status we contact the dba to but the Oracle database into backup mode...
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • Oracle online backup(datafile on ext4)

    We are planning oracle online backup with ShadowImage(VSP), and read this (https://community.hitachivantara.com/message/11799#comment-11799). In case that DBF on filesystems, I think we should care the consistency of...
    Nao Yokoyama
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  • Best performance setting for queue depth for Hitachi HBA with Oracle 12c RAC and RHEL 6.6?

    Hi all,   I am looking for the best queue depth and other HBA configuration settings to maximize Oracle 12c RAC and ASM performance with Hitachi HBA configuration. Based on your experience testing performance fo...
    Ben Prusinski
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  • OVM

    Just putting OVM onto a VSP , any thoughts on the host mode? I've guessing it's standard as it sits on an enterpeise Linux stack?
    Gary Matthews
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