Kevin Haas

Welcome to the Inquidia Team!

Blog Post created by Kevin Haas Employee on Sep 18, 2017

In 2006, a group of business intelligence professionals became smitten with the technology of a small startup with a big dream. That company, Pentaho, first assembled over a decade ago, developed a business analytics platform that is today unparalleled in the market.


That team started a company that became Inquidia Consulting.  From inception, our goal has been to help organizations become data-driven. A key focus of our consulting business revolved on Pentaho’s commercial open source technologies.


As we've joined forces with Pentaho, we're now aligned with an organization that values our technology expertise and will provide opportunities to access broader analytics capabilities and vision. Collaboration with Pentaho will turbocharge efforts to deliver sophisticated data and analytics, especially around IoT and machine learning. Inquidia customers and consultants will benefit from our expanded capabilities and expertise.


Inquidia's team will remain true to our principles that managing and analyzing core data assets is our clients’ surest path to creating value. And by joining Pentaho’s team, we know that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. With Pentaho, the Inquidia team is poised to deliver on the data vision, helping our staff and customers reach their potential. We’re honored to be part of Pentaho and excited for the future.


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