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MyRepublic, one of the fastest growing telecom operators in Asia-Pacific, is disrupting the traditional telecommunications market with the introduction of TelcoTech, which uses data and new open source technologies, analytics and machine learning to create new business models.


One of the key tenets of the TelcoTech vision is providing telecommunications operators with the ability to enter markets quickly and provide services rapidly.


MyRepublic partners with Hitachi Vantara to revolutionize TelcoTech. “The implementation of Pentaho has strengthened MyRepublic’s TelcoTech strategy across the region which will help us scale quickly and expand our offerings to other markets in future.” Eugene Yeo, Group Chief Information Officer, MyRepublic.


The efficiencies gained from integrating the Pentaho open platform and leveraging the extensive library of data integration connectors helps MyRepublic further enhance the ability of its platform to deliver on this promise.


To learn more about MyRepublic’s success checkout their case study and podcast.


“While we have made significant manpower savings on data integration and reporting, the bigger benefit is the robust data pipeline that has been built. Pentaho allows us to add data to this pipeline rapidly, which is important to this vision. It paves the way for us to create new data monetization models, which will lead to innovation in the industry, just like what FinTech players achieved with the financial services industry.”


Eugene Yeo, Group Chief Information Officer, MyRepublic


After much research I was able to run Pentaho Carte on Raspberry Pi3, it was necessary to customize the SWT library, adjust packages in the operating system and implement the Armi7 architecture in Pentaho.



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Pentaho PDI Kettle Carte on Raspberry Pi 3 - YouTube

Running Pentaho Kettle PDI Carte on Raspberry Pi 3 - YouTube