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Upgrading Pentaho with Sandra Wagner

Blog Post created by Caitlin Croft Employee on Sep 11, 2018

Sandra Wagner is part of our Customer Success & Support team dedicated to Pentaho and Analytics. You might also know her as The Goddess of Best Practices from the Support Portal. We want to make sure all customers who are using Pentaho know where to find helpful resources including Support, Best Practices and so much more.



Confused about how to upgrade Pentaho?


Upgrading to Pentaho 8.1 can seem like a complicated process, but it does not have to be difficult. We have published guidelines and best practices that answer some common questions about upgrading Pentaho. We’ve included a checklist of steps to take, such as what the upgrade path to use to get to Pentaho 8.1, what to back up and restore, when to update the design tools, and more:




You should have all necessary information and software available to you, and then it will be a simple matter of following your upgrade path from its beginning to its end. There is a comprehensive and downloadable version of this checklist to help you record and keep track of the information you’ll need to upgrade.



If you have custom configurations, contact your CSM, then Support and let them know before upgrade.



There is also a pdf version available for download at the bottom of  Guidelines for Successfully Upgrading to Pentaho 8.1. Here are a few more links that you might find helpful:



Click here to download a full guide on Upgrading to Pentaho 8.1