Caitlin Croft

Introduction to PDI and DevOps

Blog Post created by Caitlin Croft Employee on Apr 16, 2019

Our Customer Success & Support teams are always working on providing our customers with tips and tricks that will help our customers with the Pentaho platform.


DevOps is a set of practices centered around communication, collaboration and integration between software development and IT operations teams and automating the processes between them. The main objective is to provide guidance on creating an automated environment where iteratively building, testing, and releasing a software solution can be faster and more reliable.


Our continuous integration (CI) and DevOps series was started to fill a need for increasingly complex information as you learn more. The main objective with this series is to provide guidance on creating this automated environment in which building, testing, and releasing a Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) solution can be faster, more reliable, and result in a high-quality solution that meets customer expectations at a functional and operational level. The Introduction to PDI and DevOps webinar will serve as the “prequel” to more complex concepts.


Our intended audience is Pentaho administrators and developers, as well as IT professionals who help plan software development.


Join us on May 7 2019 - 9am Pacific for our first webinar of our PDI + DevOps webinar series. Click here to register now! If you miss the webinar, you can always watch it on demand afterwards.