• Procedure calling issue

    Hi,   We are developing new reports in prd we are not able to call procedure in prd,please give us steps of calling procedure in pentaho report designer.
    Arun Yadav
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  • Is Omnichannel Data Integration the Key to Mastering CX?

    From industry giants to bright startups, brands are frantic to deliver the best interactions with customers and to burn the churn. In other words, master the customer experience (CX). The frenzy for telcos is to morph...
    Navaid Khan
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  • Hello World for PDI

    Where can I find a "hello world" tutorial for PDI / Spoon?  I found an older one on the wiki (and was able to follow, and successfully build), but it's from 2015. I suspect there are newer tutorials somewhere. Wh...
    Lothar Schubert
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  • HTTPS authentication error

    Hi.   Recently I upgraded Pentaho 7.0 to Pentaho 8.0. The transformation that I used worked well in 7.0 PDI, however this issue occurs from 8.0.   Mainly transformation is to communicate with HCI server u...
    YK Park
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  • Problems with libwebkitgtk-1.0-0

    Hi,   In the process of migrating our BI solution, which was developed in Pentaho in version 5.4 and now being migrated to version 8.0, we installed the library libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 because of the dependency of Pen...
    Carlos Santos
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  • Pentaho environment variable and excel export

    Hi!   I have problem with XLS or CSV export if I use an enviroment variable as a parameter (${env::username}) in my SQL queries  to obtain data of a table. Sometimes the problem is only with numeric fields,...
    Alberto Sanchez
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  • CE 8.1 upgrade

    Hello,    Has anyone undergone an upgrade from Pentaho CE 7.x to the latest version of CE 8.1? If so, do you see any issues with the upgrade?    I am also looking for some feedback on how to make...
    Ravi Poruri
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  • Pentaho Report : Passing column name as parameter

    Hi Team,   Am Using Pentaho 8.1 Community edition.   My Requirement is the needed column name should be selected on the go. So I will populate my field name in check box and trying to pass that value to th...
    Kiruthika M
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  • pentaho server manual installation

    hi, how i can install  " pentaho-server-manual-ce-" i extract the zip file and i get this files i don't know how i can setupe this files. plz help me .
    zakariae aboud
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  • Passing parameters between dashboards (using RequireJS)

    Hi,   I have created a Filter Dashboard that is consisted with two dates, from and to. Then, I have created two Dashboards, let’s say Dashboard1 and Dashboard2 in which I have added Dashboard component wi...
  • pentaho server lost in service window

    Hi guy, i get this problem more than 3 time and i try to solve problem by Configure and Start the Pentaho Server after Manual Installation - Pentaho Documentation but can not solve. Fortunately i make the data recover...
    Voljinlvlan V
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  • Requested Pentaho Price tag

    Hi Team,   Kindly share the pentaho price quote for the below editions for our Project use.             Professional standard Edition      ...
    Kiruthika M
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  • Pass parameter from dashboard to Spoon

    I want to send a parameter (just a number, from a select component), from Pentaho Dashboard to a SQL "where" in Spoon. I'm using 7.1 version, in Ubuntu.
    Alberto Rojo
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  • Linking Export Popup Component's Content Links property to different export formats

    Hi,   I would like to have an option of exporting the table component to csv or xls file. I have created a table and added Export Popup Component. For Export Popup Component I set Data Export Type to xls and ev...
  • Pentaho RequireJS export table data to Excel

    Hi,   for exporting a table MyTable we would usually put a Button Component and than execute the following function: function () {    render_MyTable.queryState.exportData('xls', null,  {filena...
  • CDE OLAP selector wizard,  error/stops when adding the dimension to Row.

    CDE OLAP selector wizard,  error/stops when adding the dimension to Row. Is this a bug? I'm using Pentaho Server 8.1
    Immanuel Sulaiman
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  • Pentaho for MongoDB

    Does Pentaho eliminate the need for ETL process and hand-coding for analysis of MongoDB data?
    Harshil Sarwala
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  • Schema Workbench - Calculated member

         Hi, everyone! Not sure if this is the right place to ask I am a total newbie in Pentaho so I will appreciate any help. I have troubles in making a calculated member in a virtual cube in Schem...
    Veronika Florova
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  • Not able to resolve dependencies in pentaho pdi-sdk-plugin using maven

    Hi team,   I am trying to build penatho pdi-sdk-plugin while trying Java API. while doing that I am getting below error.   'Could not transfer metadata org.pentaho:coding-standards:
    Swapnil Chandangiriwar
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  • Schema Workbench - Level property

    Hello I use Schema Workbench 3.5.11 I have to create a hierarchy like this: Network (Code, Desc, Small Desc) Region (Code, Desc) City (Code, Desc)   I need to create my dimensions: I can to use, I think, a...
    Francesco Cavalli
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