• Problem with transformation hour formats

    Hello Everyone,   I have a little problem with a transformation. I have a duration and the format is like this: 2h3m30s888ms and I need to transform all that to seconds the result should be 7410 (in seconds). &#...
    Teresa Tavernelli
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  • Conect Odoo 12 with Pentaho Data Integration

    Good day. I have been trying to connect Odoo 12 with pentaho Data Integration, the DB connection is successful as it appears in one of the images, but when exploring the base of data with the Explorer button I get the...
    Luis Mendez
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  • Artificial Intelligence with Pentaho

          What Can You Do with Deep Learning in Pentaho?   By Ken Wood and Mark Hall   For those of you that have installed and are using the Plugin Machine Intelligence (PMI) plugin that Hi...
    Ken Wood
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  • 8.1 Spoon Search Function Not Working

    We've recently upgraded our Pentaho CE Spoon (PDI) environment from 8.0 to 8.1 and although it seems to have fixed issues with connections and extracts, one major item that I am having an issue with is the Search func...
    Steph Dozier
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  • Artificial Intelligence with Pentaho

    Open video

    Ken Wood
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  • Startup Rule Engine does not work since Pentaho 7

    The startup rule engine does not work.   Does not work in Pentaho 8.1 · Issue #11 · webdetails/startupRuleEngine · GitHub   Someone else has raised that it doesnt work in 7 either.   ...
    Dan Keeley
    created by Dan Keeley
  • PDI CE 8.1 Font Issue?

    I've extracted pdi-ce- on a CentOS 7.5 server. All of the appropriate OS dependencies have been installed and when starting spoon.sh, it appears to start cleanly.   However, when the XWindow GUI laun...
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  • A UseCase for Reporting

    Hi All;   I have a use case, can anyone suggest me if i can achieve it using Pentaho Community Edition? Any pointers will help.   i have a set of files coming in daily, let us say a files with product pric...
    Shalabh Soni
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  • lost all the config of validation when uploading the transformation on Pentaho server?

    Hi everyone,   I have a transformation with ETL metadata injection. A template transformation have a data validator step, creating a new validation name, using "the step to read from" and "the field to read fro...
    Tien Nguyen
    created by Tien Nguyen
  • Issue in Installing Pentaho Server 8.0

    I am trying to download and install Pentaho Server 8.0.   have followed the tutorial to setup tomcat but stuck after downloading the pentaho-server-ce- Prepare Your Linux Environment for a Manua...
    Harshit Agrawal
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  • Work in version 5.3 but doesnt work in 7.1

    HI We used PDI 5.3 to do change data capture  job for years.Its work well and fluently. Recently we upgrade to PDI 7.1 .Trying to run same jobs we used to be.  And we meet some problems. We found some time...
    Huang Mars
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  • I have a problem with extract only delta from HBase (using "HBase INPUT").

    Hi,   I have a problem with extract only delta from HBase (using "HBase INPUT"). In a "Filter result set" I am choosing "Timestamp", Type "Long", Operator ">" and a "Comparison value" 1539014286479. I was t...
    Lukasz Wiak
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  • Pentaho Content Accessing issue based on the session cookie

    Hi ,   I am using cookies based authentication option for login and to obtain an authentication cookie ,sending a post request from the back end service to /pentaho/j_spring_security_check along with  j_use...
    sumit b bansal
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  • How to send a JMS Message for every row in a stream

    Hey guys! First time user! We're rapidly getting spun up on spoon and already have a transformation job running on a carte server. Props to the great documentation and user interface design!   Our transformation...
    Jonathan Fisher
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  • Pan.bat hangs after completing the transformation

    Hello,   I am working on a project to upgrade PDI to version We have some add-hoc PDI jobs/transformations which users can execute at will. We have stood up some simple JSP pages running on Tomcat serve...
    saket Maheshwary
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  • Double login with CDE or reports on the Pentaho server after timeout

    Hi,   This has been an issue forever and i'm amazed we don't have a resolution for it yet.   It seems some work was done on it in PUC - now you'll get a session timed out message. But that is no use if you...
    Dan Keeley
    created by Dan Keeley
  • SQLServer use of NOLOCK

    So, it turns out in SQLServer if a row is locked (in a transaction etc) then it also blocks queries by default.   To me that's kind of astonishing, as it means queries in PDI and in the front end will appear to ...
    Dan Keeley
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  • Pentaho 9.0 - Release Date?

    Hi,   Is it safe to assume Pentaho 9.0 will be announced at Hitachi Next at the end of September?   Any hints or ideas about what may be in it? i guess not, it's all kept quiet these days, for big bang eff...
    Dan Keeley
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  • Pentaho Server 8 CE: User/Role List could not be obtained.

    So, we've set up an installation of 8.0 CE, followed the docs, server is up and running... but can't login. Admin/password or Suzy/password will result in Login Error. Behind the scenes, catalina.out says:   18:2...
    Joao Ciocca
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  • Error User/Role Pentaho 8.1 CE Mysql

    I have made change of bd from HSQLDB to Mysql, tables have been created, jackrabbit, hibernate and hibernate. When starting the server, not autentficia, I imagine that the users are missing or not created. ?? the err...
    Alexis Araya
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