• Using Squirrel SQL To Query A PDI Data Service

    Configuration Windows 10 Pentaho Squirrel 3.8.1   Following the steps in the documentation to create a PDI data service Develop and Optimize a Pentaho Data Service - Pentaho Documentation   ...
    Bradley McNeely
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  • Pentaho on Ubuntu

    Hi, when installing Pentaho (no matter which version) on Ubuntu, I get the following error messages at the end of the installation, presumably based on the Postgresql server Any ideas? ... this does not happen when...
    Fred de Klein
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  • CE 8.1 upgrade

    Hello,    Has anyone undergone an upgrade from Pentaho CE 7.x to the latest version of CE 8.1? If so, do you see any issues with the upgrade?    I am also looking for some feedback on how to make...
    Ravi Poruri
    created by Ravi Poruri
  • MySQL query with simple parameter

    Hi Guys,   First, I'm on Pentaho CE 8.0. And I'm not an expert on Pentaho.   The question seems simple but I cannot get it work. I'm trying for a dashboard to use a simple parameter for a WHERE condition i...
    Sylvain LE MAT
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  • pentaho server lost in service window

    Hi guy, i get this problem more than 3 time and i try to solve problem by Configure and Start the Pentaho Server after Manual Installation - Pentaho Documentation but can not solve. Fortunately i make the data recover...
    Voljinlvlan V
    created by Voljinlvlan V
  • Using a MongoDB Input Step Aggregation Pipeline

    I am currently using a MongoDB Input step in my transformation. My query is fairly simple.  It looks like this: {       activity-activityTime-timestamp:{      ...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Comparing timestamps between two tables in MongoDB

    Hi everyone, This is really as much a Mongo DB question as much as a PDI/Spoon question, but perhaps someone who knows both can point me in a good direction on where I can start.   I have used the MongoDB outpu...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Can i set value in nullInterpolationMode ?

    Hi, I see in JsDoc about nullInterpolationMode that we can set value depend on mode (median,lowerQuartil, upperQuartil, minimum, and maximum). Why i need to set null value by self because i already data to Interpolati...
    Voljinlvlan V
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  • Downloads

    Pentaho Enterprise Edition Start getting value out of your data with a 30 day trial of Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics. The comprehensive platform allows you to access, prepare, blend and analyze any ...
    Diogo Belem
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  • Pentaho 8.1

    Diogo Belem
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  • Pentaho 8.1:  Expanded Multi-Cloud Data Integration with Google Cloud Platform

    Author: Rakesh Saha, Sr. Product Manager, Pentaho Product Line   In the world of enterprise IT, managing data in multiple clouds is now the new normal — whether it’s the result of a deliberate strate...
    Anand Sagar Rao Vala
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  • Any NZ users in this forum ?

    Hi guys We're looking to form an NZ user group and would be keen to know how many NZ users are out there ?   Cheers Mark
    Mark Van Der Wat
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  • Mongo DB Driver upgrade

    How to upgrade Mongo Driver for Pentaho PDI ?
    Kiran Vuppala
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  • how to launch more than 2 executors when using AEL running KTR on spark ?

    Dear I'm trying to use PDI AEL to run transform with spark engin on yarn. But I found that the transform job was running very slow and there were only two executors launched, I have tried adding two lines in AEL ap...
    Chun Peng Hao
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  • Pentaho load that fails some times

    Hi all,   I got a question about pdi. We use it to load data every day for one of our customers. However sometimes it fails (2 times this year) because of the error below. THis happens in a set variables step. ...
    Raoul Kuijk
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  • CFR Store API doesnt work for IE

    Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but CFR doesnt work for IE because IE provides the full path to the filename not just the filename or the c:\fakepath\filename.txt like chrome does.   javascript - Remember a...
    Dan Keeley
    created by Dan Keeley
  • S3 csv Input problem with jets3t-0.9.4

    Hello,        I'm trying use S3 csv input to get a file from a S3 bucket/folder but when test connection ou get preview rows i have the error   org.jets3t.service.Jets3tProperties c...
    Leonardo Dutra dos Anjos
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  • how to call .prpt file using http?

    I have generated .prpt file(firstreport.prpt) using pentaho reporting tool and i published my prpt in bi server, my bi server is running in localhost:8080, I viewed the prpt file in server  it works fine, and wh...
    selva b kumar
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  • How can i separate plot2OrthoAxis by series in plot2 ?

    Hi guy, i want to choose orthoAxis 1 or 2 by series in plot2Series ['target', 'growth']. In example series('target') choose plot2OrthoAxis number 1, series('growth') choose plot2OrthoAxis number 2. Why i want to do li...
    Voljinlvlan V
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  • Version Mismatch When Making REST Client Call to HCP-AW

    Hello, My question is essentially the same as this one, resolved on command line now, but seen again within PDI "error":"client_too_new" attempting to get authentication token   I did execute the  curl co...
    Roguen Keller
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