• Pentaho User Meeting Germany/Austria/Switzerland

    Update 02/20: 330 million tons of plastic waste are annually produced. So why not use big data for recycling and upcycling? Jürgen Sluyterman will share RSAG's analytics project with Pentaho that integrates data ...
    Ruth H
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  • Processing & Visualizing Streaming Data Using Pentaho

    Why Streaming Data? Why Now? In the past 10 years, the data market has undergone a vast transformation, expanding far beyond traditional data integration and business intelligence involving the analysis of transaction...
    Noah Schneider
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  • how to connect sybase to pentaho

    i have a problem about connection from sybase. i dont know how to setting sybase to pentaho. please help me.
    raymond lay
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  • PDI Development and Lifecycle Management

    Our Customer Success & Support teams are always working on providing our customers with tips and tricks that will help our customers with the Pentaho platform.   PDI Development and Lifecycle Management ...
    Caitlin Croft
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  • How to make a tooltip bigger?

    Hi everyone! I have been creating some dashboards using Pentaho CDE. After creating a Metric Dot Chart I noticed that the tooltip shown by a dot it is not giving all the information as it should:     The ...
    Mauricio Valencia
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  • JSON.parse doesn't  work in javascript step

    I'm trying to get values from json, come from web-service, but when I try to use JSON.parse(variable), It throws a excepetion "SyntaxError: Unexpected token: t (script#4)". I'm sure that this script works, I work very...
    luiz kava
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  • External JS library behaviour in CDE

    Hi All,   I am using Pentaho 8.2 on windows 10. I have two CDE dashboard. Both are deployed on same server. I am calling momentjs library in both of them.   Dashboard one works without any problem.  ...
    Ravikumar Kamma
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  • CCC chart: Group stack bar chart combine with line.

    Hi everyone, I'am new to pentaho CDE. I'm creating a CCC chart, I'm facing some issue with bar chart combine with line. The plot 2 is sorted base on month and year. I want the plot 2 is sorted just by month in ord...
    Minh Chau
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  • PUC administrator

    Ho installato il server pentaho community edition 8.2, vorrei capire se e come posso accedere al''area administrator per creare nuovi utenti   grazie   Renato
    Renato Rossi
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  • how to use X509TrustManager when call webservice rest in rest client step ?

    I'm trying call a rest webservice using rest client step, when I start my transfom it throws the following error.   "2019/02/08 11:14:06 - REST Client.0 - javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: java.security.cert....
    luiz kava
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  • Handling session timeout in ctools

    So, if you use PUC you get a nice warning once your session on the server has timed out. (I've not looked into how this works tho!)   If you use ctools directly you don't get this because it comes from PUC. ...
    Dan Keeley
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  • Pentaho User Groups

    Be part of the Pentaho Community  This is the place to find information about Pentaho User Groups. Check the list below to see if there's a PUG near you     New Zealand Big Data and Business Intelli...
    Diogo Belem
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  • Pentaho User Group - New York

    NYC Pentaho User Group Join us for our next event. VARIABLES, PARAMETERS & KETTLE PROPERTIES Feb 26th @6:00PM (pizza & beer) https://www.meetup.com/Pentaho-New-York-City-User-Group/events/258591078/ #NYCPUG
    Derek Wilson
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  • Product Download access

    Hi, I recently registered using my work email address, but I still can not get access to Product Download section. Anything I missed out ?
    Hendra Haliman
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  • Pentaho scheduler issue

    Hi All,   I am facing one weird issue with pentaho scheduler. When I am releasing the paused job, it is getting auto trigger despite of time. Do we know how we can prevent this and what could be the reason for t...
    Alim Siddiqui
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  • CSV File format changes in Pentaho 8.1 version

    Hi, Currently i am using Pentaho 6.1 version. The format of the csv file is different when i am running the same job in 8.1 version. I have nearly 25 jobs which needs to be migrated to 8.1. Kindly suggest me with a ...
    Mohammed Akram
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  • Pentaho CE 8.2

    Hello,   Has anyone upgraded to Pentaho CE 8.2? Are there any issues/bugs either with the upgrade or the release itself? Thanks Ravi
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  • How to Install Pentaho CE?

    I am trying to setup new Pentaho CE Server. After I executed the start-pentaho.sh file i got the message that tomcat started but i am unable to open port 8080. Please help.
    Harshit b Agrawal
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  • Pentaho 8.2 Error while saving transformation / Job.

    Hello All,   I am using Pentaho 8.2 Server and PDI 8.2 Client to connect my repository. Sometimes I am trying to save transformation/job I got below error box.     I checked logs on Pentaho server as...
    Digital Brain
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  • Pentaho Content Accessing issue based on the session cookie

    Hi ,   I am using cookies based authentication option for login and to obtain an authentication cookie ,sending a post request from the back end service to /pentaho/j_spring_security_check along with  j_use...
    sumit b bansal
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