• Is Omnichannel Data Integration the Key to Mastering CX?

    From industry giants to bright startups, brands are frantic to deliver the best interactions with customers and to burn the churn. In other words, master the customer experience (CX). The frenzy for telcos is to morph...
    Navaid Khan
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  • The TIMELAB Foundation relies on Pentaho for managing, integrating, securing and archiving all of its horological certifications since 1886  

    Created in 1886, the TIMELAB Foundation provides two of the most prestigious horological (relating to timepieces such as clocks and watches) certifications: the Poinçon de Genève and the Observatoire Chron...
    Jill Ross
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  • Pentaho 8.1:  Expanded Multi-Cloud Data Integration with Google Cloud Platform

    Author: Rakesh Saha, Sr. Product Manager, Pentaho Product Line   In the world of enterprise IT, managing data in multiple clouds is now the new normal — whether it’s the result of a deliberate strate...
    Anand Sagar Rao Vala
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  • Spring 2018 | Pentaho News

    Pentaho 8.1 Webinar | May 24 8:30am PST/ 4:30 BSTGet an update from the Pentaho product team  We will be discussing Pentaho 8.1 features to help modernize your analytic data pipeline: Deploy in hybrid and multi-...
    Caitlin Croft
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  • Insight into Surgery Outcomes with Machine Learning

    Last summer, one of my healthcare clients asked my team if there was a better way to project the costs from surgery. Patients who experience complications go through supplementary cares for recovery, increasing the ov...
    David Huh
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  • Bi-Directional Communication With MQTT and PDI

    "IoT Hello World"       It was brought to my attention at PCM2017 in November, that I still owe the third blog on using the MQTT plugin for Pentaho Data Integration (PDI). So, thanks for reminding me....
    Ken Wood
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  • Machine Intelligence Made Easy

    Introducing Plug-in Machine Intelligence by Mark Hall and Ken Wood     Today, the need to swiftly operationalize machine learning based solutions to meet the challenges of businesses is more pressing than ...
    Ken Wood
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  • 4-Steps to Machine Learning Model Management

    Eliminating Machine Learning Model Management Complexity By Mark Hall and Ken Wood     Last year in 4-Steps to Machine Learning we looked at how the Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) product provides the ide...
    Ken Wood
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  • Internationalization and localization of Pentaho Report Designer

    Introduction     Pentaho Report Designer can be internationalized and localized. To accomplish that, translation files used by the report need to have a specific format and their names need to obey certain ...
    Joana Carvalho
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  • Internationalization and localization of CDE dashboards

    Introduction     Dashboards can be internationalized and localized. Several files need to be created in order to perform the dashboard translation, all with .properties extension and their location needs to...
    Joana Carvalho
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  • PMI Installation, Developer Guide and Sample/Demos

    There are currently 3 Installation Guides to accompany the Plug-In Machine Intelligence (PMI) plug-in and one Developers Guide. Also, the demonstration transformations and sample datasets are available. These sample t...
    Ken Wood
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  • Highlights from Pentaho User Meeting 2018, Frankfurt

    Hi everyone,   with 100 participants from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Pentaho User Meeting has been a great success. I´m happy to share with you the live blog covering all presentations and speakers:...
    Ruth H
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  • Pentaho User Meeting 2018 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

    PUM18 has been a great success with around 100 participants from Austria, Germany and Switzerland! Read the live blog covering all presentations       Save the date: Pentaho User Meeting 2018 for the D...
    Ruth H
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  • Pentaho Report Designer Tricks

    Introduction    PRD is a powerful report tool. However, from my personal experience, some of the most cool stuff is hidden under all the available settings and the combinations that PRD allows. Due to this,...
    Joana Carvalho
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  • Ingesting UDP Packets in PDI with a Custom Transformation Step - Part I

    Pentaho Data Integration comprises a powerful high throughput framework for moving data through a network of transformation steps, turning data from one form into another.  PDI is an excellent choice for data eng...
    Greg Graham
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  • A Data Architecture for Collaborative Enterprise Analytics

    This was originally published by Dave Reinke & Kevin Haas on Monday, February 22, 2016   Our previous blog on the Rise of Enterprise Analytics (EA) created quite a stir. Many readers had strong reactions bot...
    Kevin Haas
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  • Metadata Injection with Pentaho Data Integration

    This post was written by Matt Casper and originally published on Monday, January 23, 2017   In November of 2010, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) v4.1 introduced the concept of Metadata Injection.  The promis...
    Kevin Haas
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  • The Rise of Enterprise Analytics

    This post was originally published by Dave Reinke & Kevin Haas on Wednesday, January 27, 2016   Is Enterprise BI dying? That’s the question our colleagues have been debating the past few months. WeR...
    Kevin Haas
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  • Movie Sentiment on Twitter using Naïve Bayes

    One of the most heavily discussed topics in machine learning and data mining today is sentiment analysis. For the uninitiated, sentiment analysis is a goal to classify text as positive or negative based only on previo...
    Jesse Zuckerman
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  • Customers Interviews - Live from the Cube at PentahoWorld

    Customers share their views and stories live from the Cube at PentahoWorld 2017 including: CERN, Nasdaq, Veikkaus, Ivy Tech College, Bundespolizei (German Federal Police), Intelligent Mechatronic Systems and LAZIOcr...
    created by cchaffey